Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost and Confused

Hey blogworld... I have a few questions:
  1. What the hell is a meme and how do you pronounce it? Not that people hear my pronunciations in blogland, but I need to do stuff correctly if I'll do them at all (what? me anal? naahhh...)
  2. What's the difference between Fawk-You Friday and Friday Follow-Me, and why do people say stuff like "lead on" what does that mean?
  3. What's that word up yo thing?
  4. Is there a limit on how long of a comment you should leave on other people's blog without looking like a bloghog (I might be a bloghog if that does exist, I just don't want to be banned from this new world I'm enjoying) 
  5. When you leave a comment, do you go back to see if the blogger reacted to your comment or just move on? 
That's it for now... oh I'll have more! I'm a moron, can't help but be totally confused by shit (well, not a total moron, but there are times when I wonder, times when I reaaallllly wonder if I only had a brain!)


  1. I'm sorry i'd also like to know the answers to your questions, i will check back for those. i am left a little confused too: What's up with the picture? who's hands are those and where are they going. Great legs by the way, and i don't mean that in an lesbian way...

  2. The picture? The one on the header? I was at a gala thing, and a friend (who may or may not be a friend, I don't know anymore...) noticed I was wearing stay-ups. I HATE THOSE NASTY NYLON THINGS! So she jumped on me trying to pull up my dress to show off how sexy it was, of course the friendly photographer (stalker with a Canon) happened to be there at that time... Welcome to my weird world wupppy! I like your name, and don't be afraid to go all lesbian on me, I'm used to it. (hahaha! what a weird thing for me to say!) What I meant to say is thanks for the compliment!

  3. 1. No freaking idea
    2. Fawk is a rant, Follow is a blog hop. Click on the Follow and get to the list of blogs. Add your blog. Click on blogs on the list, follow them, and leave a comment with your link back. Then they will come to your blog and follow you. It's a great way to get new followers. Always follow your followers back. I hate people who don't.
    3. I don't speak hipster yo.
    4. Comment away. Everybody loves them.
    5. I move on, but for you, and only for you, I will come back.

  4. A meme is a game you play (I think) - like Word Up Yo! And I think you say it "meem", but I don't really know.
    They're both Friday blog hops, but Fawk You Friday is more fun, because you get to write about everyone you want to say "Fawk You" to for the week.
    Word Up Yo! is another blog hop meme thingy where you use the word of the week in your blog. I haven't done it yet, but it looks fun.
    I don't think there's a limit, and I love your long ass comments, so just pretend like it doesn't matter. :)
    If I can remember that I left a comment I do, but I have a notoriously bad memory, so I don't always remember..

  5. @KyAnn: aaaaawww, a little compliment goes a long way with me! Thanks!
    @Jennifer: I'll comment my reply on your blog because I have follow-up questions, and since you won't be back here to read them they'd be lost!

  6. LOL!! I try, but I forget if I comment during my morning rounds.. just ask Miley, my memory is BAAD..
    But your answers are posted.

  7. 1. I know nothing about meme. I'd have to look it up.

    2. Fawk You Friday is where you can air your grievances however you choose. It was started because of another hop that didn't like children with cancer. Friday Follow is a milder hop. Lead on is most likely mine because of my weird sense of humor. If I am a follower of yours, then you are my leader. LOL

    3. I know nothing about the Word Up Yo.

    4. As far as I'm concerned, write as long a comment as you please.

    5. Sometimes I go back. I get busy with doing other things and just don't get back.

    There you have it. It's all I have.

  8. What? I think you just blew my mind. I didn't even know these were issues, and quite frankly, the only things I'm even remotely comfortable about commenting on our your concerns about commenting, so here goes...

    4. Nah. I used to worry about this, but then I stopped because sometimes I just really have a lot to say about a particular post. Other times, I just have the time and patience for a few words. Who knows, maybe I'm breaking so rule.
    5. If I remember, I go back to check. I like to know that the blogger reads their comments, and it feels good when my faves actually respond. But I have co-dependence issues, so again, who knows.

    Don't stress too much about it all. Just do what comes natural. I do. Not that I shouldn't be doing more or things differently, but, eh, oh well.

    And there you go. Longest comment EVER!

  9. Good gawd! Sorry 'bout all the typos. Appalling.

  10. @ Blonde Girl: typos? You silly girl, you're blonde... those are called mistakes when we DON'T know how to spell, typos are KEYBOARD errors. (sorry, had to use the blonde (plus you are a mountain hillbilly) there... since I too am blonde)

    And yeah, I just worry too much about irritating people, at least I don't worry about irrigating people (ugh!)


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