Friday, February 4, 2011

Who Is This Person In The Mirror???

I woke up this morning and glanced in the mirror. This is what was looking back at me:

Problem is all he said was "Going down" Shouldn't he ask me if I want to go up or down? Stupid elevator dog... What is sad is that inside I feel like this:

Yes. I feel like a little girl in a cartoon. I know I'm sounding like a typical aging person. And this makes me want to cry. Because how I feel confirms I am getting old. "Getting". See any traces of denial there? Droopy cheeks. That's the new me. A sad sad looking cartoon character with droopy cheeks. 

Going down.

Now. If a dog WAS to look back at me in the mirror, why can't it be this dog?

Super Underdog! Watching over you to rescue you! What the heck am I doing? Ever meet any woman WANTING to be compared to a dog?


A black lab ran up to me the other day. I cuddled him and immediately starting cooing "Oh look at you, yeah, you're a nice boy, yeah. Good boy, good-good boy!" And a woman yelled out "It's a SHE!" Really? You think your dog cares if I call him a boy? Run home and cry? "Look at me! I'm a PAT! Nobody can tell I'm a girl! I'm a hideous monster! Waaaaannnhhhh!"


For those of you with a regular job: HAPPY FRIDAY! I remember when Fridays meant something meaningful. Fridays always meant something wonderful. The final arrival of a 2-day vacation. I'm not that old that I forgot what this day meant... And I care enough about you to be happy for you...

Going up?



  1. I know the feeling. I'm still considered young (30 is the new 20 right?), but what knocks me for a loop is how everyone around me is married with kids and all. I still think of myself as a teenager, but when I see my peers being all "mature", I'm reminded that I'm the same age as they are.

    This is a funny aside. The "Posts You Might Like" at the bottom of your entry had the one about you reaching 20 follows...I just reached the number today and am bouncing off walls. ^_^

  2. Not only am I going down I'm going out both sides <----->. Oh to be young and slim again.

  3. You are NOT old. You know when you're old? When all of a sudden, your kids are the same age as you are. That's when you no longer get to choose which button to puch on the elevator. My advice to you...don't have kids and if you do, do NOT allow them to grow up, have them cryogenically frozen or soemthing.

  4. I'm one of the "I love Friday" people!

    I love your book montage by the way. I'm a fan of montages of any kind!

  5. I'm one of those I Love Mondays, Thursdays, Friday, sSaturdays and Sunday type of people! hee hee. You're not old. And you can be Super Underdog. Seriously! I read something today about visualizing. Visualize yourself as SuperUnderdog from now on!!

  6. The older I get, the less I mind it. I'm happier at 42 than I ever was at 24.

    If the mirror is offensive, ditch it. Stop looking.

  7. Maybe all the ice here in Houston has made me a pervert, but when I read "going down" an elevator was not what I thought of first.

  8. If you're ever feeling down about yourself, you should cover yourself in glitter and go see one of those Twilight movies. No clue if it will work, just figured it would give you some good laughs at the teeny-boppers.

  9. ugh. i've been dealing with the droopy dogs myself. sometimes, as i walk by a reflective surface, i take a glance, expecting to see heidi klum staring back at me. instead, it's more like eric stoltz circa Mask.


  10. hehe...have a great weekend...a dog, really?

  11. I had that same day a few weeks back. I looked at myself and thought "oh shit, I'm turning into my grandmother."

    Fellow S30P'er. Keep on with the funny, lady.

  12. age has never bothered me as i don't think mentally i'll ever ggrow up

  13. @ Katsidhe: Friends who are married with kids... my sisters would FOREVER tell me "when will you grow up?" in reference to the lack of kids, ugh!
    @ BB: to be young and "tight" again is what I wish!
    @ Nari: too late for the kids, they just never occured...
    @ Cecelia: Ever since I started racing (which I'm no longer doing) Fridays didn't do a think anymore, MY Friday was any non racing day
    @ Cinderita: shhhh, I'm visualizing myself as a Super Underdog! grrr!
    @ Jen: Yeah, that is true and usually I'm not bothered by it, but this morning was not a pretty sight!
    @ OT: your brain is frozen like when you drink a slushie?
    @ Dr: ooooh glitter! You really do know girls don't you?
    @ You're: oooh... maybe we shouldn't hang out together, we'd drag each other down (as we'd be pulling on our sagging cheek skin)
    @ Brian: I know, why a dog?
    @ Mollie: Grandma? eeks, that's a skary thought! and thanks!
    @ becca: I'm never gonna grow up either, as long as I laugh at my hubs farts and burps it's all good!

  14. The only thing going up right now are the corner of my lips! You are super seriously silly! And no matter what you see looking back at you, I think you're beautiful - like Droopy with pretty eye lashes and a little pink bow.

    p.s. Got something for you in my most recent blog.

  15. the sooner you stop worrying about age, the easier getting older becomes. Besides, you eventually get to the point where EVERYDAY IS SATURDAY!!! When everyday is Saturday, you can do exactly what you want to do....everyday!

    Of course, I didn't belive in this load of crap when I was young...

  16. I just want a *little* Botox under the eyes and we're all good...

    And seriously, you're petting the dog. It's not as if the dog is thinking, "Stop petting me until you say that I'm a girl."

  17. @ Minute: I've always wanted to ask you: why "minute man" ???
    @ Pat: I'm not really worried, I just don't care for the droopy cheeks...
    @ Paige: wow! guess who's blog I'm gonna visit next?
    @ Jules: I think she just took her feminism a step too far (does botox hurt?)

  18. Well, it's not a sexual reference in case you were wondering. If it were I would have gone with The One Pump Chump's Wife!!

  19. I stopped like in mirrors years ago.

  20. Oh man, I've been struggling with that aging thing for a few years and I'm still 'young.' I sense a severe midlife crisis for myself in the next 10-15 years.

    However that last part about the dog ("Look at me! I'm a PAT! Nobody can tell I'm a girl! I'm a hideous monster! Waaaaannnhhhh!") did make me crack up :-)


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