Monday, May 2, 2011

Guess Who Lurves Me?

Cake Betch is a cool blogger. I found her through Pat Tillett when she featured a story of his in her drawings. I know we all love Allie Brosh and her Hyperbole and a Half... Cake is Ohio's Version of Oregon's Allie. Yeah. She's THAT good. I love her cartoons and her stories. I think I may have recently read on Twitter that she bought a backpack and hadn't had one in so many years! Really? I don't ever remember a time where I didn't have one.

I always have oodles of backpacks and try as much as I can to fight the urge from buying more.

Anyways, as usual - I'm totally not focusing.

Cake Betch needs some bloggy lovin'. She's going through some icky turmoils. Shit she doesn't deserve...  So go check her out you'll enjoy her stories... I hate it when people I admire go through sadness. Don't they know they're freakin' awesome?

Oh, and she gave me an awaaaaaaard! Something about being an inspiration... She actually dedicated it to me as a roller derby biotch. So I don't know if it should go to Marr*Bulls or to me. That personality disorder of mine is in full swing! I'll gladly accept it here, maybe put the award up on my other blog...

I am supposed to give it to 10 other bloggers. Ugh. If I read you then I love you, then you deserve the award... right? RIGHT? I love getting awards because I'm messed up that way and need the recognition, but choosing a limited group of people is SO HARD!

Way too hard. But this time I'm giving it to only one person. And it's a dude I find very inspiring. It goes to Micael Chadwick. Yes. He is inspiring. And has inspired me to create more art and leave behind me more beauty - as he does daily. Micael, you are a true inspiration. I know... I know... You don't give a rat's ass about these awards, and you're no longer "blogging" per say, but you still have a blog and still post regularly on it.

And because I think you are so deserving of this award, I'm not diluting it by making you share it with 9 others. This goes out to you. And only you. Don't ever stop making this planet a better place mon ami, your art is sheer beauty and anybody who gets to see it becomes a better person.



  1. Congrats to you on the award and congrats to Micael. He is an inspiration and does deserve that. Nice job Nikki!!

  2. hey nikki...congrats on the award and off to visit your friends...need to bounce over and see how roller chicking is going as well...

  3. so going over to new blog and read. plus congrats sweetie on your award and you totally pick a great guy for the award Michael is awesome

  4. Grats on the award, and to Micael as well. I love some Cake Betch - already visit there frequently.

  5. Congrats! And it's well deserved because, without a doubt, you are inspirational. Good choice with Micael too.

  6. Congrats on the award!!!!

    And I love Cakes blog, I have been following her for a while.

  7. Thanks so much for this. I really needed it.

    You are much appreciated. Keep creating!

  8. @ Barb: Yes he does... thanks for agreeing!
    @ BM: Yo dude! Thanks for stopping by (I wonder if people know you're like a rockstar of writing???) ;)
    @ becca: Yes - true that!
    @ Dr: Hopefully she'll get to blogging and drawing again!
    @ Vinny: Thanks!
    @ OT: Thanks!
    @ Rabbit: You are welcome. You deserve it, hope you read the previous comments too!

  9. Congrats! And I'll check her out!

  10. Congrats!! I won my first award sometime last week :) it's exciting. Keep blogging!

  11. Yeah, Cake is the shit! I've been reading several of your posts today, based on her (sound) recommendation!

    Also, I see that bacon comprises 50% of your about me. Ironically, I just told the story about my friend Johann who recently ordered a girl a plate of bacon at an all night diner. No, not someone he knew. Yes, it actually worked. I thought he was crazy but apparently many girls agreed that his approach was awesome.


  12. Yaaaay!

    For you, for posts in support of other bloggers and, of course, for my deepest love, Rabbit.

    Aaaand that's all for the love mush from me.

    (You know it makes me uncomfortable, Nikki - why do you always DO it to me???)

    You're brilliant.

    (Okay that was just a little more and now I'm done.)

    - B x

  13. @ Brandi: yay, do go see her!
    @ α§ђ£ε¥: cool name... I'll have to go pay you a visit!
    @ Caleb: long live bacon (in my belly)
    @ Barren: Sorry? It's ok to tap into your inner vulnerabilities, I think Javier would prefer a sweet soft vulnerable Barreness! ツ

  14. you are inspiration - so yeah this award is something. it's all sorts of right. congrats love!

  15. Speaking of awards... Seems you just got another one.

  16. HEY there!
    Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Much too much going on here.
    Congrats on the award! You've earned it! Also, thanks for the shout out! I really do appreciate it. I, like half the people in the known world love Hyperbole and half and have followed it for a long time, but I gotta tell you. I like Ms Betch's better because of the great stories. She didn't pay me to say this (yet).

    I'm gonna be in the area for a while catching up, so stand at ease...

  17. Hey, nice blog you have here! Keep up the excellent work! Now Foods

  18. Totally love Cake Betch! Great tribute to her and her fabulousity!

  19. Congratulations, mon amore!

    This was such a sweet entry for a fellow blogger. The support is beautiful, dear one.~

  20. *Blush* I just wanted to tell you that I gave you an award in my most recent blog Here :) and thanks for following me on twitter xoxo

  21. Aww haha! I finally got around to getting through people's blog's today and I clicked on it and saw my picture and was like, "Awww!" haha! I'm starting work on your guest post tomorrow! I know, you probably don't remember because you sent it to me like 50 years ago, but I'm going to start it :-)

  22. @ patty: Thanks! How's the new apartment treating you?
    @ Vinny: wow! Thanks... Spring is award season isn't it!
    @ Pat: Ms Betch is indeed quite spectacular *sigh* if only she knew it...
    @ Salina: Thanks! Foods! yes, let's talk!
    @ Sandra: Thanks! She is fantabulous!
    @ Katsidhe: thank you...
    @ Ashley: Another award? For me?
    @ Cake: mmmm... cake... COOL!!! I cannot wait to see it! ツ


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