Friday, May 27, 2011

Oddly Enough...

The coolest thing about Cake Betch is she doesn't know she's marvelous.
You find yourself in bed by your pretty little wife, and you may ask yourself "This isn't my pretty little wife?".

The last time I posted, many many moons ago, was to accept an award I'd received from superstar Cake Betch. And today I'm back, and guess what? The Cake'ster has ME over in her Hot Mess Chronicles featuring my shower story with her amazing drawr-ings! And it's AMAZING! I'm so thrilled!


  1. LOL I'm glad you liked it :-) I'm really sorry it took me so freaking ass long.
    And I would probably stop working for the guy. Just let him know that you love working for him but you can't afford to work for free. Plus you're worth more than free :-)
    Good luck!

  2. Three words: Threaten to sue.

    He will straighten up fast. Maybe.

    And after paragraph 2, I was humming along "And you know my name is Simon, and I like to do drawr-ings..."

    I'm going to have that stuck in my head ALL DAY, thanks to you.

    My Own Private Idaho

  3. Highjack his car and refuse to reveal its secret location until he pays up!

    Missed you lots! Glad you're back!

  4. @ Cake: Liked it? LOVED it! Who cares how long it took you, how long did it take to paint the Sistine Chapel?
    @ Lost: I was thinking exactly that Simon song! haha! And all it took was the R in the middle of the word draw-r-ing! ツ
    @ Minute: Been missing you too dahling! Hope you're doing well!

  5. Well I am glad you are busy although sad you are not being paid.

  6. Welcome Back! I can't believe these people that take advantage of others. I think not getting paid is something like 'illegal' unless you signed a contract to work for free while you were "interning". But hey what do I know? I was only in management for 20+ years.

    Great post.

  7. show me the MONEY!!!!

    i guess if you are enjoying you know when the internship will be over?

  8. Lovely to see you back on the list. Hope you get that guy sorted soon. You are worth too much to work for free

  9. good to see you again and wow free labor not good. but good to hear you so happy and enjoying things. put a few derby moves on him and he'll straighten up. hugs sweetie and take care

    My Life

  10. I think I better make sure you are on my blog roll. And fuck working for free. Work is a four letter word whose only upside is we get paid for it.

  11. I read it over there, funny. Thought the old woman was going to take a shit.

  12. Your shower story was hilarious when I read it here the first time. With Tara's illustrations it was AMAZING! Sorry about the working thing, that's why we gotta have paperwork upfront. Many people are more than willing to take advantage of others.


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