Monday, April 2, 2012

Bored With The Decor
The more I play around with my blog, the more I cringe.

I'm just plain old b-o-mothafuckin-r-e-d with my layout. While I love the user friendliness of Blogger, and how the Google family just keeps growing on me:

  1. Picasa
  2. YouTube
  3. Blogger
  4. Google Chrome (oh how I LOVE you! I worship you!)
  5. And of course Google itself (have you ever heard anyone say "Just Yahoo it?" No!)
Yet. Sigh. WordPress just has it together for its layouts. I mean. Talk about pro looking. But have you dipped your big fat toe in a WordPress pool? That water is cold! Frisky! I've tried and tried to adapt, but I just can't do it! (This last sentence needs to be yelled out in a high pitched whine like Kramer was so popular for.)

I love the new dynamic views offered by Blogger, the problem with them is twofold. One - the upload is slower. Can't make things slower especially when I'm in Mexico and using banana peels for bandwidth. And, secondly - the gadgets. I love me some good old gadget gumbo. But these new dynamic templates just don't do gadgets well. At least not for me. 

I don't know. And honestly... should I even care to bother? I mean really, is it THAT important? Yes. In this world we live in, first impressions and appearances are just about what matters most if you want to lure people in and keep them. How often have you clicked on a blog to do a mad dash right out of there just because... it hurt your eyes? 

I've been guilty of that. Totally. Sorry for my shallowness. 

p.s. that image up above was supposed to be a blogger vs wordpress image, but once I saw this old Spy Vs Spy theme thingy I just HAD to go with it!
p.p.s. I'm bound and determined to make this place more inviting and snazzy, my first goal is to ALWAYS have an image to go with a post. ALWAYS. 


  1. i have both actually...i kinda prefer WP...if for no other reason, they dont muck around and break things as much as blogger...but i will probably keep my main page on blogger...

    1. You have a WP account? Oh you sneaky devil you, hiding things from me... ;)

  2. I am loving my word press but I know what you mean.
    Blogger, despite the good stuff, in the end annoyed me one time too many.
    I just wish there were a few more adaptable free templates with WP but at least there is no captchas to deal with

    1. I hear you on the captcha deal. At first I found WP annoying because I had to copy and paste my link every time, well I solved that with a WP account and a Gravatar account. Now that I have all those accounts, maybe I should think of using them? I just don't know about re-building the readership... What am I saying? I've only got like a handful of them anyways! My numbers don't mean a thing...

  3. A lot of people I know like word press, but then I see they aren't using it once they say that. Hmmmm.
    At times I don't even notice decor, just words. ~Mary

    1. I guess a blog lay-out really just annoys the owner who has to look at it the most... Or maybe I'm really a superficial kinda person! ;)

  4. totally agree:
    I pick up books based on the cover and the titel. Then I read the back and decide to commit to buying it or not. I will pass on an ugly book or a dull title unless someone recommends it to me. Same goes for blogs, it needs to capture my attention immediatly for me to stick around, be it a stylish layout, good title, a good intro. That being said, what once was considered rad in 1995 might not be as cool in 2012. always work in progress.

    1. I totally agree. Of course I do since you start off with agreeing with me. Duh. How've you been Wuppy? Long time no see... Gotta go check out your blog!


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