About me? Really? This blog is all about me, why would I create an about me page? ...and why would you click it? OK, whatever, here is what's important:
  1. I like chocolate
  2. I prefer it dark though;
  3. I like bacon;
  4. I make paper mâché fish;
  5. I'm probably the sanest crazy person you'll ever get to know;
  6. I'm 46 going on 15 and I'll never know what I'll be when I grow up;
  7. I like bacon (have I mentioned that?)
  8. I love peanut butter;
  9. Sometimes I prefer Nutella;
  10. I may or may not be guilty of secretly believing I have a certain amount of awesomeness hidden somewhere behind my low self-esteem;
  11. During one week per month, every month, I have horrible headaches;
  12. I was a professional race car (sprint cars) mechanic for 5 years;
  13. Thanks to Tony Stewart, I have but one degree of separation from President Obama;
  14. I am a fan of Howard Stern;
  15. Thanks to Bubba the Love Sponge, I have but one degree of separation from Howard too;
  16. I'm unemployed;
  17. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever work again;
  18. When I lost my job (I should say "we" because we both lost our jobs at the same time) we moved to San Diego, bought a boat, and moved on it because it was the cheapest lifestyle we could figure out at that point;
  19. I recently picked up a new sport - paddleboarding;
  20. I haven't been to roller derby in over 5 months, I miss it so much sometimes I consider ending this awesome sailing trip for it;
  21. I own the perfect pillow: when I put my head on it, it's like laying on a fluffy white cloud;
  22. I believe spaghetti sauce needs to be made with Italian sausage and not ground beef;
  23. Other than a cell phone, I don't have any bills whatsoever;
  24. I DON'T HAVE ANY BILLS WHATSOEVER! It's like I live for free;
  25. I love blogging because it puts my crazies in the spotlight, and that is what makes a blogger so utterly fun to read;
  26. This is fun... I should add stuff to this page regularly!