Sunday, April 15, 2012

55 - Crossing Over

Mr Know It All
The day I turned 
I stuffed all my 
stuffed toys in a box. 
Left it in the hallway.
Hours later 
I tripped 
over it. 
With a bruised toe 
and a swollen hand 
I couldn’t help but wonder 
if I really was ready for 
becoming an adult. 

Would I forever trip over my childhood?

I'd been reading Brian's stories told in 55 words or less. Assuming I could never do it, I never tried. Being sick has privileges: I tried, and accomplished the challenge. Try it out here.


  1. yay! you rocked it too...and there are many a day i trip over my childhood...smiles...and i am still not ready to be an adult....smiles.

    1. Yay Brian! :) It was actually fun, and wanna know a little secret? I wrote that story just now, then checked out G-Man's link and thought "now what are the odds that his image would be so appropriate???"

  2. being adult is so overrated. great execution!

  3. The past is always part of our present. ~Mary

  4. "Would I forever trip over my childhood?"
    WOW... that is one of the most beautiful sentences i have read in a while, nikki..

    1. Why thank you very much! I do aim to please...

  5. Really good and totally true! I've had a ton of therapy to NOT trip over my childhood, but it's still there, always! That little guy is still causing me problems by trying to protect me...

    1. I like to imagine myself, as I am today, holding me as I was at 3 or 5 years old, scared and uncertain, and just running my hands in her hair telling her she'll grow up to be a marvelous woman...


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