Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whip My Hair

Willow Smith (Will's 7 year old daughter) released her new single. Will Smith's 7 year old daughter released a single. She sings about her hair. Will Smith's 7 year old daughter has a single... about her hair.

I need pause.

And help in understanding the numerous and multiple ways that this is disturbingly wrong to me.

This single has drawn so much attention, Jimmy Fallon put out his own version à la Neil Young with the assistance of none other than The Boss - Bruce Springsteen.  In other words, Bruce has done a cover of Will Smith's 7 year old daughter singing about hair! Oh Bruce, say it isn't so!

Seeing that other kid go wang chung on the big screen as the new Karate Kid was not enough, we obviously needed more of the Pinkett-Smith offsprings. Of course having a 7 year old (ok so she's cute and sweet and blahblahblah) sing about her hair was the perfect answer.  And, yes, you can download her song as a ringtone and carry her everywhere you go. You will be the envy of all!

p.s. I apologize for that really gross video I had up there yesterday, will you ever forgive me? How about with this new vid, it's better isn't it?



  1. After that guy just had a hit song about his cup nothing surprises me anymore. Besides, with the funds at their disposal, the Smiths can basically own everything we see & hear for the next decade.

    Wait, my captcha is "Clint" I think it's trying to tell me something. Maybe... maybe Clint Eastwood is going to direct a movie about Willow Smith's Hair. **GASP!**

  2. Jimmy Falon is so funny and talented he made me enjoy that song! I wont bother watching the Smith version.

  3. You know, after I read 7 Years Old a couple times, it finally resonated! SEVEN!

  4. what. a. laughriot. thanks for sharing.

    btw- love the artwork on your sidebar! thanks for the bloggy love.

  5. Do.Not.Like. That whole Pinkett-Smith clan gives me hives. Especially Jada. Is she a he a she.. a wtf??

  6. I have to admit, the song is kinda catchy.. I didn't want to like it at first, but caught myself humming it a few time. It's hard to believe that a parent would let their seven year old make a record... i wouldn't...

  7. What really irks me is that the parents will say they had nothing to do with it - their kid worked hard and got a break.

    To which I reply: bullshit. If this kid didn't have famous parents, she'd be whipping her hair in gym class or wherever the young folk whip their hair these days.

  8. i think the song is catchy.. but the fact that its by a 7yr old is insane.. ive seen the video and the expression that girl makes and her movements make me wanna slap her... my kid wouldn't get away with that.

    this video you posted tho.. hilarous!

  9. You are the third person in a week to mention this song in my company so out of curiosity I Youtube'd it. Wow....that's a dreadful song, if you can call it that. Gave me a headache.

    Or maybe it was the whipping of my ponytail that did it. I had to try it, part of me wondered if I could colorize my world like in the video. Didn't work.

  10. I'm pretty sure that the Jadawills are in some sort of copetition with Cyrus and Lohan to see who can manufacture the most fucked up kids on earth. Maybe the winner gets a Lamborghini, or a lifetime membership at Betty Ford? It's kind of funny to me (and by funny I mean horribly depressing) that our Country thinks this is acceptable let alone child abuse. Taking a 7 year olf to fashion shows, and GIVING her (pretty sure she didn't earn it herself) a motherfucking single on the radio just sets these poor kids up to have absolutely no concept of reality. They can do or have anything they want without any effort. Then we write gossip coloumns about them gaining weight and show them working a pole on the disney channel, yet we're surprised when they O.D. and end up in rehab or dead? It's not their fault. It's their parents. Because despite what bullshit we've been told about the American dream, the truth is, having your own single at 7 years old FUCKS YOU UP. Therefore, these parents are publicly and actively fucking up their kids. so bad they will probably end up addicts and dead beats or worse. Yet we think spanking is child abuse. gotta say, spanking doesn't fuck you up as much as a radio single.

    ps. I DID miss you! where you been? hows that Red Picket Fence article coming? sorry about this horrific comment, feel free to stop by and drop a novel in my comments any time. :-) cheers.

  11. Yeah, I am equally uninspired. Seven seems a bit young.

  12. @ Brian: I know right?
    @ Vinny: ohmygoshithinkyou'reright!
    @ Catherine: he is talented isn't he? I want THAT song on my iPod!
    @ Alexis: oh did I make it clear she's only 7 years old?
    @ Patty: thanks! (blushing)
    @ Holly: weren't you just recently asking people if they'd put their kids out there in the spotlight?
    @ Amber: yeah... sadly it is catchy (like a cold)
    @ Sassy: I totally agree!
    @ Overthinking: those expressions... what is she a Beyonce Mini-Me?
    @ Semi: I WISH paint came spraying out of my hair to perfectly cover the walls in beautiful color, at least we can all dream thanks to the Beyonce Mini-Me
    @ Peter: feel free to drop a novel! bwahahahaha! Article coming soon!
    @ Florida: SEVEN! (shakes head in bewilderment)

  13. Ok... so I am weird: I have never seen Ghost. Have never seen Top Gun. Did not really see Pretty Woman until much much later. I carry a torch for not knowing the hottest thing. I have been hearing so much about this vid, the girl and the song, that I have decided to postpone the actual viewing of it as late as possible. I wonder how long it will last...


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