Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Walk Down Sad Memory Lane...

I just finished writing a story for Micael, the Rabbit. It will be published at The Journey this Saturday. And now I'm spent. It was a rather emotional post and after I've been through a boxfull of tissues (no... I'm not crying, I was... cutting onions ok?) I realized there was nothing left.

I'll have the direct link up on Saturday, until then if you've never been at The Journey, I invite you to check it out! Here's the link. (to his blog, not my post, I told you already I'll have that up Saturday, sheesh, has anybody ever mentioned the annoyance factor of that nagging?)

Before I go, let me just say this... Blogging has given me a really cool new world of friends. I know, it's almost silly and childish for me to consider these people "friends".  Not only have I never seen them in real life, nor do I know their real names, or what they look like, but I am relying the basis of this friendship solely on their blogs. I guess if I believe the bible I can believe every story I read on the internet on the sole fact that I feel good about myself to simply believe.


  1. I love the group, it's been very freeing.

    You Rule!

  2. Well I'm pretty much in real life like I am online, only difference is I'm not an old wrinkled lady wearing a gaudy purple headband. Purple isn't my color in real life.
    I enjoy the camaraderie of the FB and Bloggers group. I just have to try to remember where I am when I post.. lol and YOU Miss Nikki - you will always have a special place in my cold black heart as you were one of the first online friends I made when I stated blogging !!

  3. Wait. I thought we were real friends? sigh. LOL
    Can't wait to read your post! Plus, you can NEVER mess up my facebook. I leave that to Holly. Wait, I mean, I leave that to all the other fucked up folks that I've known forever that are my friends :)

  4. This is great. Thanks for the link. And everyone should really be sure not to miss this upcoming post. I've read it twice, cried. Walked away, and cried some more. It's very moving. One of the best Guest Posts I have had and am happy to have it be a part of my journey - AND my blog.

    Will get you the link as soon as it posts.

    And thank you again.

  5. @ A Vapid: aaawwww! thanks... nice of you to notice I rule! ツ
    @ Holly: oh and did I ever tell you the one about the fact that we were even blog friends when I had my "out there" blog and had you through the whole transition? And how I made numerous mistakes upon which you coulda totally called me out on? Did I?
    @ Miley: you are!!! Who else have I mailed my DNA to?
    @ Rabbit: HA! I'm the best! I'm the best! I'm the best! I'm the best! But let's not tell the other guest posters, they'll get jealous (oops!) heh heh heh

  6. I can't wait to see your post on Rabbit's page, and he said ONE of the best, remember I was there last week lol. Oh and he is over at mine right now. Hugs

  7. New follower :) I read the Journey post first and came over here because, well, I was just speechless. I'm glad you took the time and wrote that out (and shared it). On a lighter note, I knew you were the blog for me when I realized you shared the same video that I did on Facebook-the "Whip my Hair". I laughed my ass off!


  8. That post of yours is heart-wrenching and heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing it and sorry for your loss...


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