Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Nowhere Tomorrow
Tomorrow I leave for nowhere. I'm so excited. First stop on the journey (hey, it just so happens that my journey will actually start at The Journey... tomorrow where I'll be guest posting... cool!) ok, so back to my topic: my first stop is Colorado.

My board and my skis are packed. Ready to roar. I've got rooms booked right by Keystone (my absolute most FAVE resort in Colorado) until Thursday. Then it's out West baby! OK, so I may take a little detour to sample wine country in Napa... What the hell!

But, I just had to share this little tid bit (sorry guys, I know none of you must like that expression, tid bit, heh heh) my race team MAY have a sponsor! A mega uber cool sponsor will make a decision by December 1st. How do I feel about this? You guessed it: mixed feelings. On one side I get to be the racer gurl (as Holly always puts it) who is popular, sexy, attractive, super stardom level of notoriety (stop me anytime here) but on the other I get the same old same old routine job, where every day is pretty much the same but sometimes it's in Florida, or Nevada, or Missouri, or Texas, or Washington, or California, or (please stop me anytime)... Love the fame, love the travel, HATE the routine.

Which also means that although we are doing the same nowhere trip we are NOT stuffing ALL of our belongings in the pickup just yet. The stuff is staying here. After our trip, we will return to the shop/apartment which will also coincide with the decision making to either load up and return to the West coast, or (grudgingly) stay here and start getting ready for a new race season.

An unplanned life is never a boring life! Tataaa!



  1. Yeehaw for your road trip! Colorado is only like... 15 hours from me or something. It's 70 and gorgeous right now. Just sayin'. You have my address and a GPS. Get on it ;)

    I'm excited/nervous for you about the sponsor thing. You and booby FINALLY got to the mindset of NOT racing and then... WACK! You may be doing it again. C'est la vie??

  2. I lived in Leadville for 3 1/2 years. I love that entire area there. I'm so jealous! Take pics!

  3. nice. have fun boarding and skiing...sounds like a blast...going nowhere...smiles.

  4. I have just read your guest post. So sad. Thankyou for sharing.

  5. I am so absolutely jealous of you!!!!!!!! Skis and Colorado, I HATE you... okay, not really, I totally think you're awesome. It's just the jealously talking.

  6. @ Miley: oui... c'est la vie!
    @ Oilfield: thanks, I always do!
    @ Christy: ok, I often forget to take pics you... know that live in the moment so i can blog about it later type of thing!
    @ Brian: yeah... going nowhere and fast! LOVE IT!
    @ Mynx: thanks!
    @ Dr: oh you know hatred is always a 2-way street! haha! love you too dawling!


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