Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Simple Dude started this "movement". Nobody reads blogs in the week-ends, they're too busy with fun stuff, reading blogs is for when you're bored and got nothing to do (like when you're at work and the boss isn't looking).

And since this is a half-assed post anyways, what better topic than...

Once in a while you stumble something that's like gold, only better. Oh yeah, I'm talking about a fab pair of jeans that make your butt look oh so delicious. Hang on to those jeans for dear life, you may never find another pair like it! See this picture? I should call this post "full ass" rather than half-ass. I know... Do these jeans make my butt look great? Or what?

And, am I mad that Verizon is about to announce the iPhone is coming? Am I mad I've been waiting for this for at least 28 years now? Me? MAD? Why would I be mad I just bought an imitation iPhone that does not play well with my Mac, and because of this I must to hang on to my iPod Touch for my music...  And for which when I bought it I convinced myself it was a good move because the Droid has hotspot so I can cancel my Verizon mifi card and hence save money? And that this hotspot is so worthless I stopped it anyways. Why would I be mad? (I am frantically screaming in a high pitch annoying nagging tone in my head right now, giving myself internal headaches)

And do I want to strangle myself because Verizon gives you 30 days to change your mind on a purchase and I bought this mother fuckin phone on Dec. 6? 3 days past the "oops bad purchase" allowance?

I need a drink. With a pill. Now. Where's that little zen spot when I need it? Think positive. Think "element" jeans. In with the good, out with the bad... Muah!



  1. I only ready blogs on the weekend when I have more free time. I guess I am Half-Assed Backwards. ;)

  2. Half ass phone? Half ass post? I see a trend here!!
    Thanks for the giggles !!!

  3. Does it make me weird that I write and read blogs 7 days a week? Uh oh. Somebody has to be rebellious and I was always good at that.

  4. IT seems that everything is half assed these days.

    Maybe you need a half assed drink?

  5. Great jeans/bad phone all evens out just like on Seinfeld!

  6. Never mind the hotspot or droid or any of that business, I'd be gloriously happy to have your figure, Nikki.

  7. cute jeans and go simple dude on starting a revolution of half ass weekends

  8. I read blogs on the weekends too.

    I've found that my blog traffic dies in the late spring and summer, but returns once the weather gets crappy. Can't blame people for wanting to get out of the house.

  9. at least you have the jeans right?

  10. You're looking good! I only wish I looked that good.

  11. I've been looking for some new jeans and I love these! So they're elements? What style?

  12. @ RockShow: Yeah, I read when I can too...
    @ Holly: ditto, you always make me laugh!
    @ Bouncin: I love rebellion!
    @ Oilfield: wouldya believe I had NO cocktails today???
    @ Stacey: I love Seinfeld!
    @ Rawkin: hey, you're back!
    @ becca: yeah, that dude is on to something!
    @ bluz: yeah, summer time is not great bloggy time...
    @ Brian: I love these jeans! I think I may actually hunt down the store where I bought em and get an extra pair... maybe!
    @ Mad: I'm sure you do! If you had these jeans, you'd be rockin the same figure! ;)
    @ Jess: I had to pull my pants down just for you! Daryl Skinny fit, I'm telling you they definitely do something to the butt curve!

  13. ahhhh, a good jean is indeed hard to find. well done!

  14. Just so you know, your entire ass is roughly the size of my fucking cankle. Also I live in the land of misfit technology so I have no opinion nor even an inkling on wtf you are talking about with the phones and miwi or mifi or wimi or omg, I need a fucking drink .

  15. @ Meri: hey, where's your next vacation taking you to?
    @ Peachy: I FUCKIN LOVE YOU AND YOUR BADASS CANCKLE! Shaken not stirred...

  16. Where I grew up we call that bootielicious. Yeah for jeans that fit. (Not easy to find.)

  17. yep i'm reading this work on monday while my boss isn't looking.

    you're bootylicious in those jeans!

  18. New follower. Cute jeans!
    I so can relate to the iphone issues. We figured it'd never happen and each bought DROIDS a few months ago. We're stuck with them for a while. Think of it this way, new and first editions always need to have the kinks worked out! By the time we're all able to upgrade to the iphone with Verizon, the phone will be much better than the first version :0)

  19. Everyone needs an iPhone. Just saying.

  20. Judging by your photo, and comparing it to my actual ass, you really did have a half-ass post.

  21. @ Nikki, you have an award tomorrow on my blog.

  22. This is soooo cool, I'm totally excited to check this out!!

    Great jeans, btw.


  23. I am guilty of not ready blogs on the weekends. I am also guilty of ordering regret with Verizon...poor timing with the iphone. Anyone who ordered a new phone in December should have been warned of the impending apple-ness before confirming the order. For real.



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