Friday, July 23, 2010

The FUN Award!

Jennifer Juniper gave me the Plastic Joy Award! Such fun... I have to make a list of 5 people I'd like to get it on with... As a Vapid Blonde would say: Bow Chica Wow Wow!

Too many people, too little time... I've made 5 categories (rather than limit myself to 5 people, since well if I get to pick who I could have sex with and it's just fantasizing, why limit myself right???) AND I rarely follow the rules so...

In the best friend category, the nominees to have sex with Miss Nikki are:

Jimmy Fallon. He's cute, he's funny, I like the sound of his voice and he just looks like an all-round great guy.

Sam Merlotte from True Blood. He's a shape shifter and turns into a cute dog. A dog is man's best friend and NO I have no desire to get in bed with a pooch, but how about playing with one after snagging a smooch with the oh so cute Sam. Definitely best friend material... And he's hot.

In the she crush category, the nominees to have sex with Miss Nikki are:

Meg Ryan. My first ever she-crush. People use to tell me (quite frequently) how I reminded them of Meg. *sigh* haaa Meg. Yes I did whatever I could to look like her. This was in the big day of course. Now people no longer think of her. She's last year's news, way beyond 5 minutes ago. But I still remember the day (like as in French Kiss) when she was America's Sweetheart. Such a hottie.

Sarah Silverman. She's funny, she's witty. She's cute. And she is hot too. I'd pick her in an instant...

BUT: I think my she-crushes would be more to having a sleep-over, sharing a bed in pj's, watching movies, eating pizza and talking all night long and possibly, after a few toddies, exploring a few things like playing doctor together or something "innocent" like that.

In the crazy-funny-never-know-what-to-expect category, the nominees to have sex with Miss Nikki are:

Johnny Knoxville. He's soooo friggin hot. Look at him, he's got his own style, his own creativity oozing in his wore out jeans. Plus he's a wild one. We could be having sex and fireworks would literally come out his ass! I want to play with Johnny!

Ari Gold. His character on Entourage is AMAZING. He IS the show. With lines like "I'd give myself a blow job if I were flexible" you have to be daring and fun in bed. You have to be. I've always had a crush on him...

Jim Carrey.  He's Canadian. He's hilarious. He looks tender and emotional and sweet. And I love to laugh when I'm having sex. It's all about pleasure right? I loved him in so many movies...

In the if-I-had-sex-with-him-I'd-want-to-marry-him category, the nominees to have sex with Miss Nikki are:

Jon Stewart. I love how he thinks. He's funny. He cares. He's not afraid to say the truth. He's amazing and I know if I had sex with him I'd fall in love with him and want to marry him...

Denzel Washington. I'm not a racist... this man is H-O-T! A superb actor, he inspires passion. His voice, oh he could talk to me forever! I know I'd fall in love with Denzel in a flash! Plus, they do say once you go black, you never go back... I'd love to find out if it's true!

In the he's-just-so-fucking-hot category, the nominees to have sex with Miss Nikki are:

Mickey Rourke. The young one, the Nine 1/2 Weeks one. Not the Wrestler one. Hot stud.

Benicio Del Toro. Speak spanish to me, melt me with your eyes Bennniccccio. mmmmm!

Matthew McConaughey. Hot bod. He's a surfer. He's into all that zen nature shit. Oh, and did I mention hot bod? Wow.

Johnny Depp. I. Cannot. Have. A. List. Of. People. To Have. Sex. With. And. Not. Have. HIM. Did you see that passionate sex scene in Public Enemies? I rest my case.  AND, we could talk dirty in french too...

Thanks Jennifer for inviting me to play! Now, It's Holly's turn and... the Ninja Blogger's turn to play. TAG you're IT!


  1. Wow, with a list like that, I expected to be mmmhmm'ing quite a bit, but the only overlap we have is Sam. I'm late to the party and just got Season 1 (although I've already seen 2). I'm a convert. Love Sam! Love him!!

  2. I love Sarah Silverman, she definatley makes my she-crush list. Plus, I bet she's fantastic in bed.
    Your list was just as fun as I thought it would be.

  3. I have this award in cue...can't even come up with the number of "would dos" asked of me.
    sad really.

    great list.

  4. I LOVE this award!! I am going to get right on top of that...thanks!!

  5. Thank you SO much. Look for my choices in my blog tomorrow... it was so hard to narrow down to only 5... but I did it!

  6. Mickey Rourke? Oh man...that's depressing!

  7. @ Rachel: i love it when sam has his shirt off, but then again jason without a shirt is even better!
    @ Jennifer: haaaa sarah, i want to be her best friend!
    @ Stacie: it's hard to think of who you'd want but then when you watch a movie all you can think is "oh he/she is so hot!"
    @ Ninja: cant wait to see your list!
    @ Holly: :o)
    @ *M*: depressing? did you see 9 1/2 weeks? hot hot hot! but what's happened to him???

  8. Nikki - I put you in the "she-crush" category... but only if I had a penis.

    Love your list!


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