Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How Rude Of Me!

Vinny C gave me an award.

I accepted the award.

I did the prompted post about the award.

I talked about all the posts I was supposed to talk about.

Then nothing.

I left it at that.

I did not re-gift the award.

How rude!
And now... I would like to offer this lovely award to some great writers:
  1. Zoe Rights. She's a quiet little blogger who sticks to her ideas, shares really cool stuff, write remarkably well. And is just all round interesting. She deserves lots of loving. 
  2. Diva in Demand. Her blog is beautiful. Its honest. Its sometimes very gut-wrenching. She shares yummy recipes, talks about her downfalls, and you just want to be there with her to cheer her on. Plus I won her recent giveaway!
  3. Katsidhe.  She's another gifted writer... Recently BON'ed, and totally deserves it. From fiction to cool real life stories - you'll want to follow and read her. And fall in love with her.


  1. It's cool. I could never be mad at you. Congrats to the recipients.

  2. Rude you are not!
    Congratulations to you and to those you awarded! Hope you are doing well.

  3. i cannot believe you would be so rude...


  4. Thank you so much, my love! I'm so sorry that I've been so full of fail in keeping up with your shameless adventures, too. >_< I've not given up on catching up though!

  5. I don't think you're rude at all. This happens more often than not. And I am guilty of it myself. Good picks to pass it on to! Hugs.

  6. YAY ME! (now I suppose I have to do all the stuff that comes along with winning so I won't be rude too huh?) LOL

  7. You are just so sweet!! Thank you, thank you.


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