Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weird Music Wednesday

This album came out in 2005. It'll never be outdated because you can't even label it under any category other than: "Wow, what was that?" 5 women going acapella full throttle like a band? Is it Latin? Is it African? Is it Jazz? Disco? Funk? WHAT IS IT?

And I've never seen a music group name more befitting than Zap Mama. An all-women ensemble, hence the Mama. And music so tight, so alive it'll shock you and electrify you... hence the Zap.

My old high school friend made me discover this band. Then to our great surprise they were performing at a really cool bar in Montreal, on a night we were fully available to jump in our car for a 2-hour drive. I'd never seen an entire room of people constantly getting up off their chairs to dance, jump, scream in delight. The place was shaking so much, beer bottles were literally jiggling their way off the tables and falling on the floor. All night you could hear the smashing sounds of bottles committing a happy suicide. It was awesome. One of the best shows I've ever seen. And as someone who once managed bands and worked for festivals I've seen A LOT of live shows. I don't get impressed that easily anymore, kind of a drag really...

This music is an instant feel good ticket. Slap this on and you'll be smiling all over in no time (even the skin behind your elbow will smile). It's like that 5-hour energy drink without the side effect! Feeling in the dumps? Tired? Sad for no reason? Take a break and listen to Zap Mama, it's a direct order from Dr. Nikki.


  1. First - WOW on the new layout. I had to read the title twice to make sure I was in the right place. I like it!

    Second- How can you not love a band with that name?

  2. Yeah I almost made a shout out to you because of the Mama link, but didn't want to pass off as the ass-kisser that I am... hahaha! And thanks for the comment on the new look, like I said it's still a work in progress. Don't have very many pictures of myself being that I'm the picture taker, rarely am I in front of the lenses unless its a self-shot with a wide drunken smile!


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