Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Music Wednesday

This is the third week in a row I offer a Weird Music Wednesday. As I mentioned the first time I did this, to me it's not weird. But it's stuff you won't find on iTunes' top downloads, or on any Top 40 radio station. You may however hear it on a college radio station, those crazy college coeds find lot's of funky stuff.

I find it because I'm a nerdy geek always on the look-out for new music. When I'm watching a movie and they play something I like, I immediately jump on the computer to research who it was, and what it was (to Booby's great disarray "Do you HAVE to do that now?").

I found this one little song totally randomly. It's a 33 second song, BONUS the sample will give you the song almost in its entirety. I like songs that have roots. Songs that mean something, not just the new hot flave of the week that will soon be forgotten.

When I listen to this hot rod J.D. Cornett I like to imagine him sitting with his banjo surrounded by his Kentucky mountain friends (some with teeth, some without), enjoying themselves full blast, drinking moonshine, hanging their clothes on the clothesline going from the wood stove to the bunk bed... I also like to try and picture who his fans are, or were if they're dead already. This song has such emotion and life. I love it! It's raw and pure just like me and my readers! (yeah, I'm a suckass!)

Hope you'll enjoy it too!

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  1. I love this sort of regional music. From funky bluegrass to hot jazz and everything in between.
    Thanks for these great Wed. music sessions... way to turn on others to music they may not otherwise hear.


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