Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Little Tiddy

One day we booked our hotel rooms in a hotel annexed to a strip club. They had great rates, great location and great large parking (at rear, yes that was a pun in case you don't get it). The floors were hardwood and not carpeted. I'd never been in a hotel without carpets. I figured the fact that it was annexed to a strip club must have been the reason why...

It was a clue and I had to figure out the enigma. Then it dawned on me. And I'm sure the hotel builders had the same mental image as I did. Which is to ask what would happen if strippers used our rooms regularly?

Result: mentally envisioning strippers doing the doggy-butt-scratch thing bare ass naked on the carpet. Hardwood floors it is.

p.s. Is this mental image a sign there is something wrong with me? Or... am I just too influenced by all the cartoons I watched as a kid (AS. A. KID... while I shake my head laughing at myself, I still watch cartoons and am an avid - AVID follower of Adult Swim, that late night shift at the Cartoon Network - but HATE the anime stuff AND don't get me going on King of the Hill... wtf?)
p.s.2 DISCLAIMER: By this post I am in no means claiming any disrespect towards strippers. I have absolute admiration towards these women offering a much needed service to men around the world who without paying may never get legal access to seeing hot nude girls.
p.s.3 Have ANY of you ever realized how I like post scriptum notes? Love em!


  1. ICK - Just think of all the "biological specimens" that could be in that carpet if it were there? !!!
    There is a reason that carpet is

  2. this does not mean something is wrong with you. This merely means you are a thinker.
    I say that b/c the second you said "hardwood floors" I thought "duh. cuz that makes cleaning stripper & male-who-wants-her goo WAY easier"

  3. You are not disturbed. My head immediately went to hoping that the laundry service was 12 star, because ewww.

  4. if you're disturbed then, scootch over cause I'm right there with ya.

    whether it's a stripper scooting her ass across the floor or bodily fluids *nudge nudge* the hardwood floors are easy clean up.


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