Monday, August 30, 2010

Feel the Love

Christy from I'm Just Sayin' gave ME an(other) award. I'm blushing. It's the one with the cherry on top, and it's totallycuteandpinkandfullofyummycupcakesandi'mhungryrightnow!

The Rules: (always so many rules!)
1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.

Thanks Christy, it means a lot to me, it really does. And whenever I start wondering about the value of my blog, and if people like it or not is when somebody out there hears my self doubts and goes out and gives me an award.  So thank you very much.

3 things I love about myself? Only 3? But I love all of me...  Recently my cyber friend the Ninja got this very same award and she made me laugh at what she put down as what she loves about herself... her botox, haha! Silly Ninja, you're such a hoot! Now back to my favorite topic: ME.

I love my laugh. I truly do. Booby always tells me how he loves to hear me laugh, and it is very contagious (loving my laugh? no, not that, but when I laugh others around me usually laugh, I think I've got laughter herps).

I love my ass. It may not be as bootylicious as Miley's (she's been ranting and raving all day about her sista butt), but for a 40-something chick, it's really holding up. Literally.  It's like an athlete's ass (not to be compared to athlete's foot, although I do have the occasional roids, sorry!) Booby always tells me I have buns of steel that go "shin! shin!" when you tap on them. It's a slap-able butt.

I love my life. I really do. Recently I've been working on updating my resume. Yes, I'm on the market. But it's not stressful, since if I can't find something that I love, I still have something cool and exciting: my current job. But, as I was working on my resume and reviewing my life history, it dawned on me how fucking cool of a life I've had... and still have. My sisters constantly criticize me for living like a kid, choosing fun jobs, blah blah blah and my nieces look up to me and say over and over how they want a life just like mine.  If I didn't know myself, I'd want to be me!

And I'm not an arrogant person really.

Post a picture I love? A picture? A? Just one? That's like saying pick a favorite song, or a favorite movie, or a fave book, or a fave lover... Can't be done. SO being the rule breaker that I am I will pick 3 images. One that represents my past, one for my present and one for what will hopefully be my future...

I'm the cute one in front looking at that cute boy. I had such a crush on him... This was taken on a family trip on the East coast, and we're all standing on an old pirate type ship. My mom is the hot blond behind me... Such good times, this pic always makes me smile, I'm smiling right now, are you?

This is the Booby and I, at the races. We're standing on top of the trailer watching the races. Isn't it a totally cool picture? It's like we're looking towards the future, in the sunset. It's such a nice picture. I look like a super hero in the sunset...

When I grow up, I'm gonna run away and join the circus. Oh how I would love to finish my career working in a circus. The Cirque du Soleil, as most of you know is my dream fantasy job. I so want to make people happy! This illustration comes from this Etsy shop here.

Hmm... The rules don't say anything about re-gifting though. Although I'm sure I should be sharing the joy, I don't know how many people to give this out to...I'll ad-lib. I am giving this award to my cyber posse of friends...  (The Ninja already got it, so she's out.)

Holly at Are You Serious;
Miley at Musings of a Confused Woman;
Jennifer at Jennifer Juniper;
Wuppy at Side tracked;
Cecelia at Cecelia Winesap is obsessed...  and
Claire at Car Dancing


  1. You are very welcome and this is why I picked you.

  2. OK, so I was just going to say how FABULOUS that pic is of you & booby all "superhero" like at the sunset... AND how I love the old photo... AND how I'm glad your booty is fabulicious too... but then... MY NAME at the bottom?! yipppeee!! Thank you!

  3. Awww you gave me an award! I will go brag now. :)

  4. I love that you love your ass!!! That is awesome!!! Happy Monday Chica!

  5. Me?? I'm so flattered!! Plus, I love the picture of you and Booby.

  6. I am doing the happy dance.. thanks so much. That's an awesome picture of you and Bobby at the races. .. and of course your the one looking at the boys in the other!!! LOL.

    Thanks so much ..... xo xo xo

  7. no fucking way, you gave me an AWARD! that's so AWESOME! *blush*

    you DO look like a superhero in the sunset, i love that. I am a sucker for cute guys on a pirate ship, too.your blog is already the soleil in my cirque....

  8. i FINALLY made it to this post!!! well worth the wait. i can't wait to share the love. thanks much!!! you rock!


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