Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've Got A Miserable Problem...

I'm losing my hair.

Every day in the shower I collect a hairy fuzzy little pet. My brush? It's a hairy monster alive and breathing. Quite the creature. I'm either too young or too much not a man to be losing my hair, and it's making me lose my mind!

In December I had my annual physical. It'd been YEARS since I had a real physical, like with blood and urine tests... My thyroid came out all wrong. I must be the skinniest and most hyperactive person with a slow lazy and sleeping-in thyroid.  My Doc put me on thyroid meds. That lasted 2 months. 2 months of cranium pounding headaches. My head hurt so much my eyeballs refused to cooperate in their role and keep watch. I called her and told her I wanted to unsubscribe from her experiment. I had to go in and see her.

In her office she looks at me and says "Ok, you can stop the meds, we'll test you again next year." Her office charged me $66 for that. It gave me another headache, but luckily for me it was the last headache she gave me.

Now, I'd say my head is fine, but... The hair loss? And the mind loss? It's a toss up, a balanced thyroid with head splinting hammer pounding head ache OR making myself look like a Mr. Glad/Kojak work-in-progress...

I think the thyroid meds are being created by our fine friends at Advil knowing 1 hormone pill will ensure the sale of 6 Advils.


  1. I practically went bald after I had my son. Scared the crap out of me.

    This just gives you an excuse to get somer eally great wigs and pretend to be different people. :)

  2. Get a wig and be Dolly Parton...whoops, you'll need to get some implants too!

  3. wait, you have a slow thyroid? you certainly are the skinniest person with a lazy thyroid!

    that totally sucks :(
    Wigs are WAY better than headaches though! Plus, you already have booby so no need to worry about trying to impress anyone.

  4. Could just be a hereditary thing.. anyone in your family bald or thinned hair? Its also one of the earliest warning signs of Lupus.. not trying to alarm you.. but I found this out when MY hair started to thin. Didn't have it, I can just blame it on my bald dad.

  5. i would totally go with a wig, matter o fact: i HAVE a wig....i'm not bald (the problems with my head are on the INSIDE)I just wanted to know what it was like to be a blond without spending a fortune and turning my hair into now once in a while i am a blond. (like i said, on the inside)

    but seriously: get a wig, toupette or the most expensive silk scarf you can find, they're all way worth it compared to any eyepopping headache.

  6. i have a f'd up thyroid! when it's really off kilter i get killer headaches and lose hair. meds work most of the time for me but i know they're not for everyone. good luck!


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