Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going Out On A Ledge!

Have no fear. Clowns are not murderers. They are not out to get you. They want one thing only: to make you laugh. REAL clowns, that is. Not horror movie clowns (which are about the same as Barnum & Bailey clowns).

I was just reading a post on Robyn's Life by Chocolate and thought to myself "Self, how sad is it that the majority of people, majority of bloggers, are afraid of clowns!" To me that's like being afraid of puppies, rainbows and butterflies (oops, have I ever told you the story of how I cried and cried because there was a butterfly blocking my path?)

OK, so being afraid of a clown is not like having a butterfly make you shit your pants, but... come on? A clown? A clown? My biggest dream in life is... to run away and join the circus, so I can be a CLOWN! I'm not a freak (forget about that swinging thing), I'm not a side-show (ok, so I can bend my feet backwards) and I don't make people cry (oops, don't talk to my exes, cause most are still heart broken and crying themselves to sleep as they cling to my fave t-shirts).

Maybe one day I'll post a really really bold picture of myself. I'll go nude and really show you my true colors and yep, put up a pick of me in my costume. My clown name is Mini-Wheat. Is that freaky scary? And my costume is somehow similar or reminiscent of some female super-hero (yeah, I've got a cape, wonder woman boots, tights, and a really really funky ass cool belt to go with it all). How cool is that???  BUT, there is no bold make-up, no crazy wig (my hair is wiggy enough) and no huge stupid goofy shoes. My clown is...  likable, like me!


  1. You gotta warn a bitch about the clown pictures!! Kids are trying to sleep here and they don't like it when mommy starts screaming hysterically!!

  2. OMFG !!! My asshole puckered up so tight when I saw that picture I swear I heard it screech!! Flashbacks of the time I nearly got arrested for assaulting a clown.

    Three words about clowns - John Wayne Gacy.

  3. WELL, I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU for the reference and for rebelling against the global hatred of clowns. I remain apathetic, but you have, in fact, helped me warm up to accepting my childhood clown fetish. In fact, I am now damn proud of it!!
    Thank you, Miss Nikki!
    Big hugs for this one,

  4. I don't like that clown all the way to the right with the stringy hair. I don't like stringy hair.

  5. I wanna see! I wanna see!! How did you pick your clown name? Or do you even pick your own clown name? Is it given to you when you graduate from clown school? I don't really know anything about being a clown. I don't really know anything about clowns at all except for Penny Wise, and even then I don't hold it against real clowns. But I don't go to the circus. I don't believe in them. I'm sure the clowns are very nice, but I don't like the conditions in which the animals are forced to live or the way they're treated.


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