Monday, August 9, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

Yesterday we visited Dave, a dear old friend. In January his doctor told him he had 6 months to live.  Dave is now on given or borrowed time. Booby has a family with issues, he no longer has a family. Dave was a father figure to him, and graciously stood in as my father in law. Look at me, already talking in the past tense about him...


Dave is a real live cowboy. Has a collection of humongous belt buckles, trophies from his rodeo past. And guns. He loves those old school cowboy guns. I've never really held guns, not beauties like those. I'm holding it, gliding my fingers on it's slick barrel, amazed by it's power. Booby told me it's not proper to touch the barrel. Gun etiquette. What do I know about it? Then something dawns on me, I grab a clean napkin and wipe the gun down. Booby asks me what the hell am I doing? I say: "I'm not stupid, I don't want MY prints on a gun!"  That book I'm reading is influencing me beyond any level of consciousness. Thanks Stieg Larsson!


If you were suddenly arrested and found yourself behind bars, whether for a crime you committed or not, do you know who your 1 and only call would be? A parent? A lawyer? Or that friend. THAT friend who knows people, that friend who can fix things, that friend who knows what to do under any circumstance...  Dave is that friend. Soon I'll have to rely on my back-up friend. Until then, I'll just make damn sure my prints aren't on any guns!


  1. I love how your mind works. I'm just glad you don't have my luck, I'd have shot Dave while wiping off my finger prints.

  2. I would have totally wiped my prints off too. My luck is that bad.

  3. I'm very sorry about your friend. Especially since he's THAT friend. People like that are one in a million.

    However, I don't understand why it's bad etiquette to touch the barrel of a gun. I would think men would get off on watching a woman stroking the barrel.

    And I'd call my mom. I know she'd bail me out first and ask questions later.

  4. Love that photo of the telephone! I am old enough to remember these with the rotary dials.
    Smart cookie you are wiping off your prints, you never know when someone may try and set you up.
    Sorry about Dave, I am sure he is happy to have you and Booby around.

  5. Sorry about Dave.
    I see you're reading Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest, what do you think? I was told it's not very good, I'm about half way through The Girl Who Played With Fire

  6. Sad to hear about Dave. Totally get the wiping of the prints off.. Ive seen too many detective shows.
    I have a little something for you today on my blog -

  7. Hey there! I found you over at Are You Serious! She's right, you're awesome!

    I'm sorry about your friend Dave. I have um, family issues too, and it's really hard to lose the people who you could count on.

    As a side note, I just finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest. I loved the series, but they're all really slow in the beginning.

    I'm following you now (if that's not too creepy)!


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