Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Bestest Compliment

Last night, I got the nicest compliment ever.
"Marie, you have the best personality of anyone I know!"
Now... isn't that nice? Hmm. Wait a minute. This was a GUY who told me this. Fuck. I'm ugly. That's what he was telling me... I need a paper bag to cover my head!


  1. NOOOOOO. Silly Miss N - he was telling you that because you are UBER WONDERFUL!!!

  2. That's a GOOD thing!
    Jenn and I want to kidnap you and have playdates. I mean, like adult playdates. Normal stuff... Well, things the 3 of US would find normal. I bet Holly would find them normal too.

  3. It's nice that a guy noticed your personality!


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