Friday, August 6, 2010

Stupid Question Of The Day

We had pulled the motor out of the car the previous night. Our engine builder was at the track, and it was due for a rebuild so he took it back to his shop. We're in the hotel parking lot (where we always work while on the road) and a fellow from the hotel approaches us.

Guy: "Are you guys going to put a motor in it before the races?"
Me: "No, Fred Flintsone is driving it!"
Guy: (no comment as he angrily walks away)

Yabba-dabba-doo I love it when fans come and ask me questions as I busily whistle while I work!


  1. I'm back! You didn't piss me off. Only my stalker did and I was just being a little ornery with her. Anyway, don't you just LOVE the obviously ignorant questions with the obviously obvious answers? I am always in shock over how someone can ask questions like that. It is so odd that I think I misheard them at first. Then I give them the look and they go away. Score for me!

  2. I'm so jealous that you actually get to give answers like that.

    I just get to think them..

  3. "...he angrily walks away."

    So, what happened next? DID Fred Flintsone drive, and, if he drove, did he win, or did he simply get rear-ended a lot?

  4. lol. kinda like when you lock the keys out of your car and you are fishing with the coat hanger and people ask you what you are doing...hmmm....gotta wonder about some poeple...

  5. That's a great response. I'd love to take the passenger seat with Fred Flintstone driving. Though I suppose I'd need sturdy shoes.


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