Friday, October 29, 2010

Help me, I've fallen and can't get up!

I opened up a store! Yes, I am officially a store owner!

And you are hired to help me. I will give away some pretty cool TOYS in exchange for your help. Here's what you can do:
  1. You can tweet about this;
  2. Post a link on your facebook page about it;
  3. Bonus points if you hook me up with a new follower... (I know, I'm hating myself for this one, but I'm still stuck at 99!) Simply let me know when you recruit a new follower
  4. Leave a comment below letting me know you are interested in the draw and if you've tweeted or facebook'ed it. 
Here's the link to my eBay store.  Oh, and if YOU happen to want any item from my store, I'll cancel the sale and let you have it HALF PRICE! Because I love all my readers... And I want to get rid of this stuff. In a few weeks Booby and I will be loading up our pick-up and anything that doesn't fit among all our worldly belongings will end up at the Goodwill. I'm just trying to help cover my future costs of being un-employed for an unknown period of time.

Now the goodies...
  • NEW Pillow speakers (just plug it into your iPod and enjoy your tunes INSIDE your pillow, I know fucking cool right?)
  • Ball in a cup (as seen in Family Guy, this toy will amaze and entertain you for hours - it was a must have when I used to sit through hours and hours of boring tele-conferences...)
  • A chicken finger puppet (it just may smell like my finger... oops, did I mean to say that?)
  • A hand massage ball (this little pokey ball of wood feels really good...)
  • A oozy drippy hourglass (this was also highly indispensable when I was tortured through those lengthy tele-conferences, why is it that people who talk in a boring monotone just love to hear themselves talk?)
I will add , as a giveaway, a copy of my favorite movie: Pulp Fiction! It's a used DVD, but in perfect condition. I take extreme good care of my movies. I love movies, why would I treat them otherwise. But, if this is my fave why would I give it away? Good question 2dogs, it's because when Booby and I merged our movie collection there was 1 movie we both owned. Surprisingly enough that was it. One movie. Pulp Fiction. Great movie...

Fine Print: Deadline - Monday morning! Yes, I have a deadline, if you want to help me to help you get your hands on my private stash of personal favorite toys, you must enter before Monday morning!



  1. Why does this list sound like a list of used sex toys? lol

  2. Just tweeted it.. hope all your shit goes!!


  3. I LOVE Ebay! I'm stoked about this.

  4. you had me at chicken finger puppet...
    i gotta go find you a follower...99 is just too sad...

  5. oh yeah, I'm with OT! When I saw TOYS, my brain went directly to the gutter. It did not pass GO. It did not collect $200.
    I love the oozy hourglass. Just saying.
    anyway, I unleashed the news on FB, and about to do it now on Twitter. Good luck, babe. xo

  6. Miss Nikki!! Congrats on the store. I buy things on EBAY ALL THE TIME, so I'll definitely be making a visit over to your store.

  7. I'm in the same boat or I'd go shopping. I have to get rid of stuff I don't want to take. Good luck!


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