Friday, October 1, 2010

I Am Sick in the Head

I'm staying in the same hotel for 2 weeks! Actually, that's not true, my team is staying in the same hotel for 2 weeks. I fly home Monday. By home I mean my mommy's house. The compound where I grew up across the street from the school I vandalized and up the hill from the Steinberg's where I stole poptarts and chocolate milk as a bored teen.

This hotel is weird. If I walk to the laundry room, it's 333 steps by way of the hallways. But if I cut through the courtyard during daytime, it's 241 steps. I counted. I FUCKING COUNTED THE STEPS TO THE LAUNDRY ROOMMMMM! What the hell is wrong with me?

Is there any normal sane person out there who would do such a thing? I'm almost afraid to ask...

Booby glanced at my notebook the other day as I was taking notes of credit card expenses for work. He freaked and said "Shit one day if I'm found dead they'll take your notepad as proof that you may have killed me, only psychotic people write notes like that!"

Come back in a few hours, I may have scanned a sample page. But then again, why would I do that? To prove to you that I'm a demented psychotic freak?  (oh please, don't tell me your son is a demented-psychotic-freak-type and that I've offended you... please, I don't need any drama today!)



  1. Being a normal sane person myself and not easily offended (probably because I forget what I was pissed off about before I have time to finish my verbal ranting and then I get a brilliant thought I just have to write down in one of the 5 notebooks I have lying around the house, originally organized to all have it's own unique content, like sites I like ( yours) and when to water plants, giftideas, basically every word that pops in my head, because I just have too much going on to remember that shit, right? like counting tiles in the restroom when I pee)
    question: why would people hang a painting 10 inches to the right of the middle on the wall? SYMMETRY, people, PLEASE, you are killing me!

    I think you're fine.....

  2. I once counted the number of steps between my hotel and a local pub when I was in Scotland. But I only did that so I knew at the end of the night how many steps I had to walk because I was so drunk.

  3. wait is counting steps not normal??? The whole 333 is what totally got me I have a thing with the number 3 I would have had to go back and count again just to make sure!

  4. Please do scan.. a little psychotic behavior makes life more interesting!


  5. What is wrong with counting steps? Who said that was weird? And who said making notes about business expenses are weird? Who do you hang around with? I don't know if I like them too much.

  6. @ Wuppy: bhwahahaha! too fuckin hilarious! and I totally get you on the symmetry thing... totally!
    @ Trashman: and once drunk didja remember the amount of steps, and did you factor in the zigzaging on your return?
    @ Daisy: actually I recounted every time I returned, to put the load in the dryer, to get the load out of the dryer then over again the next day with my new shortcut... *sigh*
    @ Simple: ok... eventually... it is freakish looking, I admit
    @ Christy: it's not the writing down business expenses that is weird, it's the pages and pages of filled in numbers all clean and tidy and nerdy... lol

  7. oh i totally want to see the page...scan it!

  8. What better way to determine the shortest route? I do shit like that all the time. In fact, I did a post about it in January. (

    No fault in trying to find the best way to do something...

  9. I count step ALL. THE. TIME. Bam, it's normal! You're welcome, glad I could clear that up for ya!

  10. Counting is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). When stressed the counting may increase. Hopefully going home to your mom's will decrease your stress and not increase it!

  11. Please watch "The Shining." If anything like that starts to happen, leave the hotel immediately.

  12. As long as you weren't counting aloud, nobody but you, me and the entire blogosphere know. So please ignore the men in white.
    FYI: The jacket is quite comfortable.


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