Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Pizza

Hmm, that hand looks like a foot!

I'm in the truck, drawing on Paintbrush with a trackpad and the POORLY MAINTAINED roads is NOT easy... And yes, that is a hand I drew, no it's not a foot-hand monster pawed poor lady.

If a hangover lasts more than 24 hours, can we then come to the conclusion that it may not have been a hangover in the first place? Can we especially consider this option when only 3 or 4 cocktails were had? And sneezing with an overload of (ick) phlegmashit while having the runs, is this a normal hangover condition?

I think I'm sick.



  1. Ugh.. vitamins, juice and cheese. That's what I ingest when I think I am getting sick.

    Well, technically I only ingest two of those things - what I do with the other thing is best kept behind closed doors.


  2. Do what I always do to cure a hangover and that is drink more of what you drank to get you drunk. And also have cold pizza.

  3. awww sorry you're under the weather Nikki, sucks getting sick. Lots of liquids and vitamins. Although typically if you're running through phlegmtastic crap I would try to stay away from the dairy, tends to create more. Hope you feel better soon sweetie

  4. The weather not deciding if it wants to be cold or warm is the reason alot of people are getting sick right now. Hope you get to feeling better!

  5. ugh. hope you feel better! i do like cold pizza though...

  6. I vote it's just a bug. No hangover. Nope. No way.

  7. Hell of a hangover if it is one. Perhaps you are allergic to the cocktail umbrellas.
    Feel better soon.

  8. Feel better and drink lots of OJ.

  9. haha, what? Great picture though ;)

  10. Sorry to break it to you but it isn't a hangover. Looks like it's time to load up on the OJ & chicken soup & take that sucker out early.

  11. @ Dude: so... which part is not ingested? inquiring minds want to know!
    @ Trash: tried that, the wine made the headache mucho worso
    @ Laugh: feel better already!
    @ Amber: just spent 3 days lying in bed now I'm ready to roll!!!
    @ Brian: keep your hands off my pizza!
    @ Dee: I agree right?
    @ Mynx: wait a minute, so I'm NOT supposed to swallow those funky little umbrellas?
    @ Tawnya: I'd drink the whole tree if I could!
    @ Daisy: thanks, I accept special requests!
    @ Vinny: "take that sucker out early" hmm, ok!


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