Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Days of Shamelessness - Eat Whatever You Want

I had 2 cookies for breakfast. Not any kind of cookies mind you.

Chocolate. Dark chocolate. On a buttery crunchy dry cookie. They're called "Petit écolier" which means small school child. Or something like that. Two cookies for breakfast, and by 11:30 am I was dying of hunger. DYING. We were out running errands so I had to grab a quick lunch on the go.

In-N-Out burger and fries. With a chocolate shake. But it's ok, I shared the shake with my sweety. A diet of a champion. But those cookies. Mamamia they are SO friggin good! Trust me on this one. If you happen to spot them in your grocery store, and if you happen to enjoy dark chocolate (once you go dark...) you will so love these!

Which makes me wonder, what's your favorite kind of cookie? I'd love to know... especially if it will make me discover a new cookie that needs my love!

p.s. what do you think of the new Blogger interface?



  1. There are these cookies we have here that are similar to those. Only they come with different filings on top (chocolate included). I don't remember the name but whenever I have the chance I buy them. Then I hide them from Mrs. C so I can have them all to myself.

  2. New Blogger interface can bite my ass! (Not a fan)

    And I hate you (and by "hate you" I mean I love your courage to spit in the face of calorie boundaries)

    My favorite cookies are Sandies....

    Aw crap! Now I want me a box full of sandies!!

  3. Oh yeah! The new interface. I've been using Blogger in Draft so I actually have been using it for some time now. It wasn't fun at first but you get used to it.

  4. @ Vinny: I ALWAYS hide my fave sweets from my sweetie... he eats everything!
    @ Minute: don't be a hater ツ
    @ Vinny: "It wasn't fun at first but you get used to it." ...that's what SHE said! haha

  5. Although these sound very tasty, I'm gonna have to stick with good old home made soft chocolate chip cookies...


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