Saturday, August 27, 2011

30 Days of Shamelessness - Dia Dos!

Day 2 - Look a Fool

"Hey look! A fool!" Can you guess which one is me?

What can I say...

There are two types of girls in derby. The jocky type who is all about the athletic aspect of it and the other one who cares about how she looks - and look good she always does.

I must admit I don't know where I fit in this distinction.

I'm a goofball. We did the pride parade, and of course I had to go out and buy fairy wings. But that wasn't enough, I added wings to my helmet. And that wasn't enough either - I needed the clown nose.

Don't ask why. I haven't got an answer. I look back at this and think I look silly. Foolish. So yes, this is very fitting for this specific post.



  1. Let me just say again how awesome you are. The nose is simply the icing on the proverbial cake.

  2. @ Vinny: how funny, I was just reading your comment about how crime keeps hurricanes out of your country over at Dr. C's blog when your comment came in here! and aw gosh shucks, thanks!

  3. You are a rock goddess on wheels! :-)

    p.s. Vinny, I swear I am not cyber stalking you...

  4. add your own-ness to it...nothing wrong with that at all...

  5. @ subWOW: Why not? Was it something I said. :(

  6. There is nothing wrong at all with being a goofball.

  7. At least when we're old and sitting in a rocking chair we'll be able to look back and laugh our asses off!! Nothing goofy about that. Life is too short. Have funnnnn!

  8. @ Absence: thanks but yes you are stalking Vinny, we all are!
    @ Brian: my own-ness! sweet!
    @ Vinny: trust me, she is!
    @ OT: man! Where have you been hiding?
    @ Barb: yes, laugh it off i will do!
    @ becca: thankful to you i am

  9. I'd say you don't want to fit into any exact category. You are a true individual. Hell, look at where you live! You are to be commended on your idividuality.


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