Friday, September 30, 2011


My great blog pal, Vinny C, re-gifted an award for me! Most of you (among the 5 readers of mine) already read him, but in case you've never discovered his Picasso'ish talent please do go and visit! And you'll love having him reading your blog simply because his comments are to-die for.

Another award with baggage! Lot's of work behind this one. I had to walk down memory lane and produce THIS list:

Most Beautiful:
I wrote a piece inspired by a simple picture of red leaves. It was a Magpie inspiration. The poem had bits of lyrics and how they intertwined with my parents love story. And how it ended in their hate story. I read this out loud to my husband and he had tears in his eyes. So for this, I need to call it my most beautiful. LINK

Most Helpful:
Do's and Dont's. My guide to what NOT to wear or do. I'm not usually helpful, and this is as close at it gets! LINK

Most Controversial:
I think its where I said the R word and got slashed by a reader. Then I wrote a "Dear Anonymous" post expressing my anger. I hate that society has corrected what we say but does little to change people's attitudes and actions. It's not my words that cause harm and havoc, it's people's tolerance and openness... I guess I was angry that:
a- this person hid behind the screen of anonymity
b- getting slashed for using a word when the reader does not even know who I really am...  LINK

Most Surprisingly Successful:

How do I judge this one? According to Blogger Stats this post has the most hits and I really don't know why! LINK

But... this post has the most comments. I think the amount of comments proves more success than the amount of hits. I don't know... But this post talked about my fears and how I try to face them. LINK

Most Underrated:
A writing prompt poem with a template that talks about where I'm from. I loved this piece! I put so much time and effort into it. Normally for my posts, I just sit in front of my computer, right to the new post page and hit publish immediately. I have an average of 5 minutes work in every post. Give or take 20 minutes or so. Ok, so it's more than 5 minutes, but that's how it feels. So when I write a post over a period of 2 days, that feels like a lot of work. According to blogger this post has 6 page views. 6!!! For the love of Allah! I worked hard on this one and very few have seen it or read it!  LINK

Most Prideworthy:
I am most proud of... another Magpie prompt. It was based on an image: a picture frame. I ran with the frame notion and wrote a short fictional piece on a woman framed for the murder of her husband. Again, I worked pretty hard on this piece and got very positive reviews. When I published it I had every intention of writing a follow up...  LINK

AND I called this post WINNING because also...
  1. I received my 10-yr Green Card in the mail this week!
  2. I won a giveaway from Diva in Demand
  3. As I write this I am ripping my very LAST dvd: 123 movies; 2 full seasons of Squibillies; 127 episodes of Seinfeld; 1 full season of Robot Chicken; 42 episodes of Family Guy; 6 episodes of Eastbound & Down; and only 5 movies did not rip correctly!



  1. 1. I have no doubt that you deserve this award.

    Dos. Let me just say that I loved your Where I'm From post (as well as the others, of course).

    and C. Congrats on getting your new Green Card!

  2. hahaha! I had to read this over and over again to understand the progression of 1. dos and C. Love that you ended with C. ツ
    p.s. have I ever fessed up to being slightly dumb'ish?

  3. I had to find out what the R word was.

    Is it wrong to say that yes, I feel perfectly comfortable mocking anyone I wish to mock, including myself and self-serving, overly-sensitive cowardly commentors too?

    I have a hard time with thin-skinned people. They bleed too much.

  4. ha. i like it when it gets controversial...and you def deserve the award...


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