Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where I'm From

This is taken from this week's writing prompts by MamaKat or this template here.

Of course I had to change it up a little bit... but I tried to follow the rules as best as I could. I am after all a hard headed misfit and I know you would expect no less of me.

I am from

I am from metal clip-on roller skates but mostly Barbie dolls, from Kraft, CCM bikes and peanut butter toasts in front of Bugs Bunny cartoons and always having to get up to change the channel.

I am from red bricks, white aluminum, and split leveled blandness with a never ending insecure desire to please.

I am from the rosebush stuck behind the backdoor, neglected, slammed upon but always blooming with beautiful red flowers.

I am from the annual roasted pig we lovingly called Arnold and drunken laughter, from the Lebel's and the Grenon's to the Lapointe's and the Bigras.

I am from the city we call the moon for its lack of trees and rocky roughness and a nation's Capital where sidewalks are rolled up after business hours. But will always call home the city that gave birth to the Habs.

From do-as-your-told, eat-your-brussel-sprouts, go-ask-your-mother and clean-up-your-room...

I am from organ rehearsals every Saturday morning at the Catholic church and stolen cookies from the nuns' kitchen.

I'm from a confusing world where uttering something as simple as "Bonjour" could land a teacher behind bars. From "Fais dodo" and toe stomping songs with the ruine-babines inviting you to join in unison.

From the meat pies, cretons, maple syrup, pâté de foie, and card games where my aunts and uncles stuck them on their foreheads laughing wildly as they grabbed another 50.

I am from summers with cousins spent at French River, dreams of city lights, fitting in and community pools where we mold young leaders to take on the world.



  1. I did one of these once!! Lots of fun!! Meatpies..... Yikes!!

  2. nice rip nikki...love the rollerskate key and the rosebush behind the door is felt for sure...love your creativity...

  3. Really well done. You painted some pretty vivid picture there.

  4. @ Dreamer: you know, you just can't ever shake where you're from and the first foods you'vre grown accustomed to, and that meat pie is SOOOOOOO good, once in a while I crave it and whip some up then my husband gets to giggle at the fact he's eating my meat pie (sorry, I just HAD to!)
    @ B'Man: Yayyy! I ripped it good! ツ
    @ becca: thanks! you should give it a try, it's actually fun (and oddly enough I probably put more work into this post than just about any other one I've ever written!)
    @ Vinny: Coming from a guy who actually really does create pictures I take that as quite the compliment (too late to take it back buddy)

  5. I really love this. It has me intrigued. Why would saying "Bonjour" land a teacher behind bars?
    And what sort of cookies do nuns enjoy?

  6. @ Mynx: when Brits decided to take over the country they first had to wipe out the French. They made it illegal to teach French in schools in Ontario. But what they did to the maritime provinces was so much worse!

  7. @ Mynx: oh and they were mostly chocolate chip cookies, I think they kept them for the priests, and the bratty kids that ran all over the place!

  8. Hope you remembered to pick up that award I gave you when you dropped by earlier.

  9. This is beautiful. Put a smile on my face to learn where you're from :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. This was fantastic.

    I did this same prompt last year. It is one of my favs.


  11. Thank you for sharing where you're from. I did one too, if you're interested:


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