Saturday, September 17, 2011

Her Life Is In Your Hands Dude

That bad boy to the left is what's currently holding my life in its hands.

Oh by the way, like my Lebowski quote? One of my all time FAVORITE movies. Ever. But then again, my list of all time favorite movies ever is a bit long. Kinda.

I've taken on the task of ripping my movie collection and storing them on this new shiny piece of equipment.

Just in case you were wondering what us unemployed people living on boats do during the day while you sit idly by your computer catching up on Facebook and Twitter pretending to work.

Didn't think I knew what you were up to didja? I had an office job once. A long time ago. A very long long time ago.

So, yeah, the reason why this thing has MY life in ITS hands (and please don't ask me where its hands are, they're internal. Somewhere.) Is because I own approx 170 movies. At a ratio of approx 30 minutes to rip one movie, I'm talking like 85 hours (yeah, I did use the calculator for that small piece of mathematics calculation, I just did 5 miles on my bike - to return rented DVDs I ripped - so I guess the bike ride in theory could be added to the 85 hours of ripping activity. Yes, that would then make it more than 85 hours. Give or take.)

Where the heck am I going with this post?

If that little shiny piece of equipment were to get blanked out for some reason, I may want to commit suicide. Or jab a hammer through my eyeball. Not the ball ping kind, but the other one. The carpenter's hammer. Didn't think I knew the difference between the two of em right?

I was a mechanic for 5 years, remember?

I just hope that thing holds out. I don't want a hammer through my eyeball. If I did do that though, I'd use my right eye. Since my left one is my shooters eye. I learned that years ago when I was working in Summer camps teaching archery. Don't worry, I don't play with guns. I do however run with scissors.

Because that's just the way I roll baby!

p.s. 70 movies have been ripped up to date
p.p.s. just thought you wanted to know...



  1. hey glad you are making progress...what a violent post too...self harm...arrows...running with scissors...riding a bike...sheesh...think i might go hide...

  2. @ Brian: you can run... but you cannot HIDE, you (of all people) should know that by now! ツ

  3. That's a big project. I did it with about 300 CD's and it took forever.
    Any Big Lebowski reference is a good reference! I haven't given out any awards in a long time, but if you'd go to my blog and click on the awards-in page, there's a White Russian Award that would look real nice on your bling page. Or not, if you don't want it...
    Now get busy on those DVDs!

  4. 85 hours111 I love my movie collection but I don't think I have the kind of patience for anything like that. Who am I kidding? I'll still end up doing it.

  5. @ BB: nice to hear you laugh! ツ
    @ Pat: oooooh Russian Award you say? Me likey, me wantey!
    @: hahaha, dear Vinny - I love how you always make me laugh! Muchas gracias me amigo!

  6. wow big project and just glad it'a you and not me or that whole running with scissors may turn into jabbing said box with them.

  7. That is one of the same hard drives that I have in my laboratory, so you're good to go. If mine ever crap out, I'm right there with you. But we're going on about 3 years and counting :-)

  8. @ becca: I know... and the Seinfeld collection is a nightmare since I want to save them with the episode name which requires research since the titles aren't there on the rip! :( haha!
    @ Doc: for crying out loud! You're merely talking about lab research and test results and 3 years of work. This is MY MOVIES! Jheeez, its not always about you ya know, stop being such a Doctor! ツ

  9. If you're really worried about a freak-loss-of-information, then I highly recommend investing in an online back-up system. I currently use but there are others available. I'm living abroad so if I lose any of my files (pictures, ripped movies & songs) on my laptop...yeah, I'd be looking for a hammer too. Anyway, it's what I use and and I thought I'd share. :)


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