Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30 Shameless Days: SWEAT!
 This I do quite well.

I sweat. So much so that I keep a bar of deodorant in my glove compartment. I sweat. And 2-3 times a week at roller derby? I produce more salt water than the salt flats of Utah.

Three months into my new derby life, a girl next to me was smelling her gear (that makes her sound like a puppy after her tail, her gear - knee pads, elbow pads... gear!).

(I will segue into the next topic of 30 Shameless Days - Expose Something Messy You Normally Hide)

I grabbed my elbow pad, brought it to my nose and took a big sniff. It actually smelled... nice'ish! A more experienced girl looked at us smelling our gear and said "You know - you CAN wash those pads, right?" My jaw dropped. Wash my gear? I can do that? Everybody around me was grossed out awed I never washed my gear. Then my pads were being thrown all around "It DOES smell nice!"

I was off the hook, but still - 3 months of hard core practicing, sweating, grunting and wearing the same gear over and over sans visits to the laundromat... when 2 days later it happened - my junk got some bad funk. Was it jinxed by the shocking news my experienced pal brought on? During practice my hand came close to my face and there is was: bad odor. Quick to blame shift I looked around me to see who the stinky piglet was. But I was nowhere near anybody else. I was alone in my fog of B.O.

Other bloggers who are doing this 30 days of shame thing have exposed pictures of their messy desk, or a messy linen closet... I can't do that because you would not believe how I keep my stuff! I'm so anal tidy about how I put my stuff away! I ripped my entire DVD collection! Of course my spice rack and underwear are impeccably orderly!


  1. ewww...

    so you did wash them...or is this now a secret weapon of roller derby?

  2. ummmmm...elbows sweat?

    That doesn't sound right. Your elbow pads were nice smelling until 2 days after everyone smelled them. Clearly there is a jealous stinky elbow wench in your midst.

  3. Screw 'em if they don't like your smelly sweat!!! hahaha. You are so funny.

  4. @ Brian: actually I did start washing them after that incident... (that's what she said)
    @ Nari: I know, right?
    @ Barb: Enjoy your trip!

  5. I wonder if it didnt smell bad at the time because you all smelled the same. Glad you are washing them though

  6. That funk was well earned by your hard work and awesomeness missy! Wear your BO with pride...and then do your laundry!!

  7. @ Mynx: mine truly did smell better than theirs! ;)
    @ RG: actually I need to go take care of my gear right now! thanks for reminding me...

  8. An honestly earned sweat is a good thing! A little aroma, just lets you kknow you did a good job...


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