Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Vain - I Tagged Myself
Bouncing Barb got tagged recently.
She didn't tag me, although I know in my heart she wanted to (hahaha!) actually she openly tagged whoever wanted to play. I was drawn in here by her questions so I accepted the open invitation (Although like I said, I know she wanted to tag me but left the invitation open so as to not offend her multiple readers and followers. Bless her heart.)

I think there are rules but I'm speeding up to the goodies (kinda like the time the Captain and I went on our honeymoon BEFORE saying our I-do's).

The Questions:

1. What is your favorite flower?
Ooooh, good one Barb. Nice easy start before hitting the harsher topics. I love lilies of the valleys. When I was growing up, there was a bunch of them between our house and our neighbor's house. They were so close that the space was always in the shade, and that was the only thing that could grow there. Today I find I'm like that wild little flower: a tough little cookie that no matter where its at will come out smelling nice (even when I haven't showered in over 3 days the Captain insists I smell yummy).
Sidenote: I'm NOT a gritty grimmy piglet, but living on the boat, anchored not docked, water becomes a rarity. Ok, maybe I'm a bit of a piglet... 
2. How old were you when you attended a wedding for the first time?
Not sure how old I was when I went to my first wedding. Maybe 8? I'm one of the rare few people who've probably attended less than 10 weddings and that's counting the 2 under MY belt. But I do remember the first time I got drunk at a wedding. I was 15. And I ruined ALL our family shots at my sister's wedding. Heh heh heh...
3. What is the first scary movie you remember watching?
It was a movie about butterflies. A really weird late night sci-fi flic I never should have watched. I suffered from insomnia in my childhood. And oddly my parents agreed to let my sister and I put our small portable TV in our bedroom. Late at night I'd turn it on to help me sleep (of course, this was most likely the cause of many insomniac hours). And this frightening movie about killer butterflies played. A few days later as I was riding my bike to the community pool, a butterfly landed in my path. I screamed and cried like if a gnarly wolf was hunting me. 
4. Do you snore?
No. But the Captain does. I grind my teeth. I think. And I do sapping noises because I get such a dry mouth during the night being a silly plugged-up-open-mouth-breather.
5. What's your favorite curse word and how often do you use it?
Fuck. I use it like most people use salt. With everything. Being French-Canadian, our cuss words are über bad and religious. Like I will end up burning in hell to utter them. So to me fuck is so insignificant and mild. And it goes so fucking well with any fucking situation I use it as I so goddam fuckin please.
Not to be cliché, but THAT question is fan-fuckin-tastic. 
6. What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in public?
Tough one. Everything I do or say most usually ends up being embarrassing because I'm such a spaz both physically and socially. It's like asking the water when was the last time it got wet in public...
7. If you could have one moment back with someone (alive or dead) what would it be?
The last time I saw my dad was during a lunch I had with him and his she-devil wife. When he went to the bathroom she told me how worried he was for me. This was at the coming out of a horrible period in my life. The kind that had me screaming and crying in the middle of traffic for no reason like if a butterfly had suddenly landed on my shoulder. Well, I didn't want to let her know what was going on, so I snorted (or something like that) and told her he was silly to worry and that all was fine. My plan was to meet up with my dad, sans the wife, and have an intimate chat with him. That opportunity never came up.
I miss him. And hate to think of what she may have told him about my lack of consideration for his worrying. 
8. How did you come up with your blog title?
I'm glad you asked! It is a cool title isn't it? Like the movie - Cider House Rules - but better. Because this is MY blog, and it's kinda like my house but its not concrete. It only exists in cyber land. And as I was posting a comment, and going on and on about how its MY blog and I get to say what I want. My blog - my rules. And the title came out. So I immediately switched it (did you know my blog used to me called "Life's a Bitch"? I know right? Barf. So tacky!)
9. Where did you grow up?
Close to home...
Ha! In a quiet boring little suburb in Montreal's West Island. People always ask me why I'm so fluent in English when I grew up in Quebec - a land that threatened twice to separate from anglophone Canada. Well, this little town where I grew up was 95% anglophone. But boring. And totally mainstream. And I hated it.
10. What is your favorite mode of transportation?
To this day, my favorite mode of transportation is my bike. I love the freedom I feel when I throw a bag over my shoulder and zip around town.
11. What was the best vacation you ever had?
This one. I've been technically on vacation since November 2010. Yes. I've frantically looked for work. Prayed for it. Cried and screamed for it, as if (you guessed it) a butterfly was threatening to suck my brain out. And I've kinda dabbled with it until I realized that no paycheck was ever going to come of it. But this is it. I'm traveling. Exploring the world with the Captain. Discovering places. Breathing. Living. Watching magical sunsets. Meeting fascinating people. Eating amazing food. And learning - learning to be. 
Simply be. This is by far the best vacation ever.

I think I'm supposed to slap a picture of myself and post my questions to the one(s) I choose to tag. Too much work for now, I need to return to my important vacationing, but I will however leave you with this: a picture of a brain sucking starfish trying to imitate deadly butterflies.


  1. Niiice answers. And a freaking fantastic pic to top it off with!

  2. Nikki this was awesome! Thank you for taking the time to "play". So far you're the only one who wrote their own post about it. Great answers (of course the questions were fabulous!). Getting to know more about you is really awesome. Hugs.

    1. Yay! It wasn't a race, but I won anyways!

  3. smiles...wish you could have that minute back...killer butterflies sound traumatic you know....

  4. Omigosh! I think I saw that movie! The flashbacks!

    Great answers, by the way.

    1. For some reason, I'm not the least bit surprised that you probably saw that movie too!

  5. Great post!!!! Fuck is my favorite curse word as well. It's a term of endearment in my world.

  6. Sometimes "regular" words (non-swearing words) just don't get the point across. I'm a world class cusser and have pledged to be that way forever.


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