Saturday, March 17, 2012

You Will Travel Far And Wide

Image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic
The more she searched
The less she found.
Even the mirror showed nothing
but a blurred image.

"What am I supposed to do?"

She covered herself with good fortune
cookie messages.
Bit by bit, pieces of paper
Turned her into a living
piñata, hoping
her true self would spill
just like
"Ooh a piece of candy!"


Yes. Yet another Magpie Tale...


  1. yeah but to get tot he center of a pinata it takes a couple hits...and that aint a lot of fun...smiles....

    1. To access your nirvana, through shit you will travel.
      -Ancient Chinese proverb.

  2. Love this AND your ancient Chinese proverb ....

    1. Yes. The Chinese were deep deep people! ツ

  3. I like how you pull all the papery allusions together. My late Magpie is Lifesaver.

  4. This is great. Love the imagery.

  5. Thanks for the visit. That piece is, in fact, part of a much larger story I started years ago, but never finished and have been cannibalizing ever since from my 100-word efforts. Also I just realized that both our stories end with candy, so there's that.

    1. I thought the blog you write on was a cool idea. A collective of writers from Toronto? Wow! I'll have to go back and spend some time there to read more... I'm from Ottawa by the way!

  6. Replies
    1. With a blogger name like yours, I'm sure your next want ad for finding a mate would be "human pinata preferable but not a must, but preferable, especially the candy filled kind, yes, most preferable!"

  7. Hey there!
    Catching up...
    This is a good one. No telling what would drop out of me. Maybe old roach clips, rusted beer cans, and a lot of fast food wrappers....
    Hope you are doing well!


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