Friday, June 25, 2010

A Doodle (by Doodie)

Self-portrait of meeself

And who said I wasn't an artist? If you notice the notes, this is way too much information on who I am. I betcha that with such an artistic rendition of myself, if you would actually see me skipping down the street you'd know who I was... Yes, the drawing is THAT good!

Doodie. That's me. It's how Booby calls me, I'm his Doodie, Super Doodie, Heavy Doodie, Double Doodie, "get your own Doodie" he always says to others. Sometimes it's Bad Doodie. Which is actually a good thing. I like being called Doodie. I like that we have geeky nicknames for each other. He's Booby.

We are lame. We need to get a life.

Today I came to the harsh decision that I no longer want to do the work I do. It's harsh because it's all we've (as a couple) have ever really known (of our life together, as a couple, of course). I'm afraid of the outcome, as a couple, how we'll handle doing our separate thing. I'll have to see. But all I know is I've never lasted more than 4 years under the same job. Deadline has come and gone, I'm getting antsy. Funny how on the day I make this decision I draw a self-portrait of myself (double entendre d'ya hear me?) bearing tools and dressed up in work clothes. Except for the tank top. It doesn't exist. But a tee that says "I plead the 5th" would be a good tee. If you want to attract trouble.


  1. omg - you even got those snazzy boots in there! ROCK ON!

  2. I love my new boots. Makes me regret ever buying a pair of $270 Fluevogs when I went to NYC years ago. All I needed was some rubbers to bring me such joy? Really? Oh well, live and learn, live and learn...

  3. Who said you weren't an artist? Love the boots btw!

  4. Ah, the need for change tempered by a sudden separation of (healthy) co-dependency. My wife's position was eliminated at our then-employer last summer, and it was the first time since we met in 1999 that we didn't spend 20+ hours a day together. She started working from home, I did the same in February, and in April I took a job with her employer/my client.

    And it works for us. Best of luck on your new venture!

  5. @ Holly: my mom and my ex both laughed at my drawings initially... boo hoo hoo, it's naive art! haha!
    @ Elliott: thanks, I'll know who to run to for support when I'm going through separation angst! It won't be before November so I have plenty of time to prep mentally!

  6. You're really good! Now I have a mental image of you, only I don't see signs of flab.
    Cheers and hugs,


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