Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be My Guest!

I've been invited to write a guest post on an awesome bawsome blog! Yes, I'm so thrilled... I don't know why the invitation to work for somebody else without pay is so thrilling and such a compliment, but it just is! I'm smiling from my armpits to the top of my windblown messy hair!

It's intimidating though because this blogger is more popular than mine, has more followers, the writer is like a full-time blogger, always beats me to the punch in slapping in comments on other people's blogs, a full blown twitter user (even has enough self-confidence to tweet directly to the queen of blogging - yup, THE Blogess).

So I best be on my best behavior! I promised to deliver a post by July 1st. As soon as I know when it'll be up, should be somewhere between Canada's own 4th of July (July 1st) and USA's American version of Canada Day, which coincidentally is Canada's July 4th (July 4th)... see this is the kind of confusing shit I can't do on Holly's pro-blog! Also, I shouldn't talk about shit like, well "shit", or strapping on the strap-on... I wouldn't want to cost her any followers!

Oooh I'm so excited! But that's it for today, I'm a very-very busy little tom-boy woman! Got work to do (raced last night, race tonight, it's so hot, there's a movie running from the top of back going all the way down between my butt cheeks, the movie is called "A River Runs Through It", if it keeps getting hotter  it'll be a double feature, the second movie being "Misery", this side thought is so long I almost forgot to close the parenthesis!)


  1. wait, what? no saying shit? or the strap on?
    Well, maybe not the strap on but I'm thinking saying shit would totally be OK.

  2. Actually, I'm sure shit and fuck is ok... I just meant to acknowledge her tremendous work at building a following, I know how hard it is and would hate myself for costing her even 1 follower... How've you been, are things a little better and smoother?

  3. O Shit woman... you can say shit, strap on dildos or whatever. Your guest posting on the blog that did an entire week on how to dress up the vag and peen....LOL!!!

    ....... btw...... thanks for the plug ( not butt)

  4. @ Holly: that's soooo right! A whole week on the vag and the peen! Ha ha ha! Looks like stuff's turned around for you, nice to see your glorious cyber smile again! No probs on the plug (non butt type)


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