Friday, July 16, 2010

When you get to a fork in the road, take it.

Y'a gotta love Yogi Berra. He had the brightest sayings.

My college teacher taught us that when you do get to a fork in the road, to take the roughest route because it'll be the right one. He was wrong because marrying him was the rough route and that was a disaster. It also ruined all the great memories I had of my best college professor.

From reading other blogs I'm realizing a lot of us are at that point right now. Facing a fork. And we weren't given any knives to help us slice through the options and the choices. It's a global "what the fuck am I gonna do now" conundrum. It sucks. Yet very exciting at the same time. There is always 2 sides to each coin, it's a toss up on how we decide to look at things. Like my choice of words? Toss and coin? How about if I were to talk about tossed salads? (hmm, sorry) My mind is in all directions again.

It's this dam heat.

Ever watch that movie "Phone Booth" with the hot Colin Farrell? I saw it with a really good friend of mine. The kind of person who came from a nice family, perfect little past, every one she knew had been sane and nice and grand. She had no regrets whatsoever, and never did anything weird or odd or fucked up. Me... A whole different ball game. I sat in the movie theater and cried more than I did at my favorite aunt's funeral. My face was a sloppy wet mess, shit coming out my eyes, my nose, I was blathering like a mental case. She looked at me all weird and asked what the hell was wrong with me. I answered "I guess you don't know what regret is, do you?".

I had no regrets, never done anything remotely weird until I said those 2 fateful words to that old fucked up Mr. 1950s. Saying "I do" started a chain of events I'm still to this day trying to detach myself from.  I paid the price severely. And I almost didn't make it out alive. To quote the last episode of True Blood "life is a living hell from which nobody gets out alive".  That was my forever after.

This dam heat.

I am happy now. But sometimes I lose it. So, if you do get to a fork in the road, take the path of least resistance, stick to familiar terrain and stay away from dirty old men because under that wrinkled skin hides a big bad wolf. Oh, and buy a GPS!


  1. We don't get a knife because then the road would be littered with the dead, mutilated bodies of the stupid ass people who led us to that effing fork to begin with.

  2. I too dated a teacher, but we didn't wind up getting married. He turned out to be gay.

  3. Whoa...I thought I was in the wrong place! Someone's been doing some redecorating! :)

  4. @ Rachel: oooh, thanks for letting me know why I don't get a knife!
    @ Cecelia: I think mine may have been gay too, it would explain all the weird parties he took me to.
    @ Princess: Yeah I was already due for redecorating, hope you like it! Thanks for coming back too...


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