Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Sense A Giveaway's Coming Soon!

Not EXACTLY as shown...

One year ago, a friend asked me to find a purse on eBay for her daughter. It was her sweet sixteen and she wanted to give her a Coach purse.  Being the goody goody person that I am and always eager to please, I hurridly connected to eBay and searched and searched and tagged about a dozen purses for her to look at and choose from.

Being the eager beaver goody friend that I am, I agreed to buy her chosen purse and put it on my PayPal account.  It took about 1 week to arrive. Between the purchase and the arrival of the chosen purse, her daughter warned her that "You better not be buying MY gift on eBay!" My friend looked at me with huge eyes. I HAD already warned her of eBay rules, and how purchases are NOT always refundable or returnable... Then the package arrived. It was a truly authentic Coach purse. But...
"Oh, it's smaller than I thought! And it's only black, wasn't there more colors on it? I don't think my daughter will like it. Let's just return it!"
Let's just return it? So... does that mean you're not paying the $150 it cost to pay for this non-refundable transaction? Pant pant pant. "Well, you can always make returns can't you?" She stared at every single purse for over an hour. Looked at this one forever. Knew the size, the measurements were there. I even cut out a box to that size for her to get a feel for it. Expressed how she wanted the black one. THE BLACK ONE. I also warned her 3 times before confirming to buy it that this seller did not accept returns. Then, I eagerly said this (Holly will want to shake me and slap me for this one) "Oh it's okay, I've always wanted a Coach (I did? Since when?) and the size is just right for me, I'll just keep it, don't worry about it!" WTF? Am I a sucker for friends???

YES I AM! Because, this purse which I've used 2 or 3, maybe 4 times is like almost new, not a scratch, not a pen mark, not a runny lipstick mark (I don't wear any...) is now about to be given away here!

Like Oprah, *ding*ding*ding*ding* LOOK . UNDER . YOUR . SEAT . THERE . IS . A . ALMOST . BRAND . NEW . PUUUUUURRRRRSSSSEEEEE!

It's not exactly smackly like the one in the pic because I am on the road until sometime in mid-August. It's at home because I don't use it. So I can't send in a picture.  So details about this AWESOME Coach purse giveaway will come soon. All it will take to win it is...    to be continued!

p.s. it really is a nice purse, and trust me, it looks NEW! And, have I mentioned it's a COACH?

p.s.2 Don't EVER buy something on eBay for somebody else. Learn these words "Get your own account!"


  1. that sucks getting stuck with something you didnt want. have you considered just re-ebay'ing it?

    not that i'm objecting to a cute little black coach give away...

  2. I would love to win it, ya know... if you do a give away.. but you could always re-Ebay it.. or stuff it down your friends throat. Yeah, that would work too.

  3. Why is it when you try to do something nice to help out a friend, it ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the ass?!

    I agree with Twirl. Next time, make your nice gesture helping her set up her own ebay account.

  4. Wow, that sucks! Next time tell her to go to the Coach Factory Store and buy one herself:) It looks like a beautiful purse though!

  5. @ twirl, Holly, Rachel and RN: I DID tell her it was ok to keep it... so I'm the only one to blame really! I tried falling in love with it, it's just not me. I think a giveaway may be cool, and selling on eBay can be annoying sometimes!


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