Monday, July 19, 2010

Too MUCH Work!

A super fan recently sent me a gift card to the Red Lobster. Lately I've been working round the clock and it's been HIGHLY insane. Tonight Booby and I have a "date night" and going to the Red Lobster, thanks to Mister Super Fan!

I look forward to that yummy skewer of lobster tails, shrimp and scallops - double grilled (mmm wood grilled) and rice pilaf. YUM!  Oh, and those cheese biscuits? Divine!

Super fans freak me out, they totally do. But when they send me gift cards, I forget all about the freaky stuff. That's why our shop address is on our website. For gifts.

p.s. AFTER posting this, the famous driver's wife I've talked about before (cat mayhem lady, story here in case you missed it) invited us to a spaghetti dinner, being that we're staying at their house for 2 days, we should accept the invitation. Date night has been postponed...  *sigh* no lobster for me!


  1. Mmmmm Red Lobster. Do yourself a favor, next time y'all are in Lakeland, Florida make a trek to Catfish Country. Corner of 540-A and US 98. Head towards Bartow.. you cant miss it. Good enough to make you want to slap your mama!

  2. Ummm...yeah, you should probably accept...being there already and all. I am going to eat some crab tonight for my mom's birthday..I'll think of you though!


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