Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Stieg Larsson's sudden death is very similar to one of his own characters. At his time of death, in his laptop was 350 pages of a 4th novel. And this story was set in Canada. CANADA. My beloved country was the location for his 4th novel? Holy crap! I want to read a Stieggy story set in Canada! At least I'd know how to pronounce the town's he'd talk about and have an idea of where the story's at! There's nowhere I haven't been to in Canada! Nowhere!

The irony is that his untimely death is somewhat similar to one of his own characters (this is the spoiler, sorry but I can't tell this story without mentioning this, I did warn you!) leaving an unfinished book behind with only but a few people who even knew about it. His family is apparently in a butt block over his legacy with his girlfriend. His lifelong partner. This kind of thing always makes me angry. But that's besides the point.

I just can't get over the fact his life could have totally been depicted by his own stories. Actually I'm wrong there, not his life but what happened after his death. So his non-life could have been depicted by his stories. Weird how life imitates art.

Sometimes I look at Picasso's paintings with his broken apart bodies and think "Wow, I look like that! It's true, life does imitate art!"

p.s. this is this week's 2nd Mama Kat's writing assignment "Choose a headline from The Today Show website and write up an opinion post based on the story you chose." Here is the link to the headline I chose. If you want to read the other one, find it below under "Get The Joke?".


  1. Ive still yet to read this book. The spoiler wont even stop me. Im the kind of girl who reads the last few pages of the book first anyways.

  2. ok, so I have been a bit MIA but I wanted to say that even though I've got NO flippin' clue who this is or what the book(s) are about, I enjoyed the giggle about picasso's painting imitating life hehe. I feel like that sometimes.

    Oh, and I was TOTALLY thrown off by the name change on the blog roll! Trying to get back in the reading groove... hopefully will see ya soon!

  3. @ Holly: oh my, I could never read the last page, although I've been tempted, but I love the element of surprise! Hope you read it, then we can exchange thoughts about it (but I hope you'll like it too)
    @ Confused: missed you!

  4. aww, thanks :)

    I thought of you - check it out! A blog JUST FOR YOU... well... you'll see


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