Friday, October 22, 2010

This Shit Is So Random!

Yesterday my phone got a missed call. No message. It was a number I didn't know, so of course I HAD to check it up on a reverse look-up site. The number was a cell phone from El Cajon, CA. Near San Diego. El Cajon (careful, it's pronounced like CAHONE, not CaJone, the j is like a soft sensual h). I applied for jobs in El Cajon. I immediately told Booby I had a job interview. He told me they would have left a message... (Mr. Negative Spoilsport) I told him jobs don't call to tell you you're not chosen. They leave that answer in the silence. Then I started to wonder if I should fly out for an interview or tell them to wait until I'm all done here since I'm driving there anyways. And I am NOT calling to say "Hi, this is Miss Nikki, somebody from this number called me..." that is lame. But I am tempted to call anyways. And yes, I am also the one who on a first date will start wondering if I should change my last name to his once we're married. Shut the fuck up.


Have I mentioned I'm cheating on you? I am. Will you forgive me? I started a new blog. A French blog. I have a different personality in French. I'm more suave. Not as cocky. But it's early still, I only have 2 posts. BUT, in less than 12 hours I got 3 followers. I'm now up to 4. Thanks Catherine (wink-wink). My favorite new French blog is this guy, his blog is called "La boîte à mâles" word play on "inbox" and "box for males". He's gay. I'm not surprised to see both of my personalities are drawn to gay men. Gay men make the best of friends. Ever. (wink-wink wascal wabbit). My blog is called "Dans tous les états." which is also a word play. It's a cross between being or going crazy and being in the States. Thanks. I thought it was pretty amazing too.


Ever read Peachy at The Pits of Being Peachy? She's funny, you should read her. But she also has depth beyond her humor (you know, like me!) well she was invited to take part in the Notebook project.  She asked for help on what to write on Facebook. Me, being me, the one who always jumps in to help even if I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about (yeah, I am TOTALLY THAT person, shut up, I do actually often help in the end when I'm not creating havoc and disaster in my friends' lives). Well, I had never heard about that project (I know, in a bubble my head is right?) ☜ in case you didn't get it, that was me doing the blond girl in Yoda talk, awesome right?  Well, I looked it up. I need to get invited into that Notebook project. To say the truth I thought my life was amazingly fan-fucking-tastic until I had a few email exchanges with Peachy. Her life is a movie which should be co-stared by George Clooney. Lucky. My co-star if my life were brought to the big screen would be a cross between Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and Woody Allen.

I want Mr. Clooney.

p.s. I am 7 followers away from 100. I shouldn't care about that stuff, but I'd be lying if I told you the contrary.



  1. Hey you. I love Peachy and wtf is this notebook project of which you speak??? If you and Peachy are doing it, it MUST be cool and I want in!

  2. You better get to 100 followers soon... or my next pimp-post will be in effort to push you over the century mark.


  3. I'm a complete la-hoo-sa-her with very few followers... buuut that could be because I struggling over my current post. (To be a bitch, or to NOT be a bitch. THAT is the question.)
    Anyhoo! I know you'll have 100+ by Monday and I bet you'll get an invite to The Notebook project. HOW do I know? Because I'm fabulous, darling and I know everything. And because you are all sorts of awesome. <3
    (I also do the First name/last name thing on a date. It just makes good sense.) ;)

  4. Hi. Me again. Your captcha just called me a dork. True story! :P

  5. I hate freakin missed calls...I turn into a detective if I don't know who it is and waste 1/2 my day doing detective crap!

    Hope your Friday rocks!

  6. So where is the blog Français??? I'm nosey, damn it.

  7. not a fan of missed calls...i would call them and not feel bad about it all...i imagine you will hit 100 soon enough...smiles.

  8. I would totally call that number to see if it was someplace you applied. Hunting for a job does not have the same rules as hunting for a man.

  9. @ Vicki: posted info on your facebook...
    @ Simple: thanks! you're a sweetie!
    @ Ginger: you're a HOT bitch! -and how did it call you a dork? that's kinda cool!
    @ Daisy: I hear ya!
    @ Brian and Jen: I am tempted...
    @ George: thanksssss!

  10. OK you sexy thing. You totally helped me decide what my entry would be in the Traveling notebook and I give you full credit for that! The shout out was awesome, thanks. I was a crazy chick who lead a thousand lives and lived everyone to the fullest, but to be fair in between all of those
    "highlights" you could find me fumbling around like a zombie who drank too much absolute. In other news you are only 4 from 100. Because I love you that much.

  11. Oh PS, you should totally call CaJone and when you get them on the line, explain that you are just following up with any details there because you have some things on the board and wanted to know if you needed to include them.


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