Friday, October 28, 2011

I Love Getting Mail Like This

Thanks Diva in Demand!
Diva in Demand hosted a giveaway a while back. And I won! Me! 3 gift certificates to try out Pillsbury's new frozen breakfast. We tried this one this morning. And be "we" I mean Booby ate this! He toasted it in our toaster oven rather than the recommended microwave. Yum - crispy IS a major food group you know!

While they are good, they're a tad bit pricey. $3.50 for a package with 2 sandwiches. And heavy on the calories (surprise 140 calories from the fat alone!) And the cool part is that Pillsbury sent me 3 coupons to try out all their new breakfasts! But wait, there's more, in the same package they sent me was a little Pillsbury dough boy keychain AND a little stuffed toy! Which, of course I traded it off for a duo set of surfing rubber duckies before taking pics of the added bonus toys! Sorry. But the trade was a must. Rubber duckies! Holding surfboards!

As a kid, my sister and I would roll out the Pillsbury Crescent rolls, bake an entire batch and eat them all while watching Richard Simmons jump and wiggle! And we laughed as we sloshed more butter on those crescent rolls. Ah the fond memories! Seems like every Pillsbury product comes out with the same taste and smell - and anytime I eat it I'm instantly brought back to my childhood.

But that's not all USPS delivered to my little box! Wait, there's more:

Thanks Mynx!
I also got one of Mynx's cool painting! And as promised I put it where I can see it first thing in the morning when I wake up. Right by my little puppy. So cool. So happy. And inspiring too.

After painting the pole I've moved on to other products - salt & pepper shakers, a pair of shoes, details on my roller skates... Paint has taken over my life! Thanks Mynx, I needed those outbursts of creativity!


  1. High calorie breakfast sandwiches and a beautiful new pice of, your puppy. A girl couldn't ask for anything more.

  2. want presents....

  3. I vowed never to enter these contests on account of my living so far away. It wouldn't be fair to make someone pay that kind of postage.


  4. @ Nari: what about the rubber duckies? They're a bi-product from the giveaway too ;)
    @ B'Man: sign up and receive!
    @ Vinny: aaawwww, poor you. And Mynx is all the way down in Australia! hee-hee-hee-oops!

  5. Very nice!
    Now you can eat one prize while eating the other...

  6. yum they look delish hubby would love them and love the painting i got mine and love it

  7. That painting is awesome! And now I want some pastries!

  8. Mmmmm... Pillsbury-anything works for me! And I'm loving the new digs -- looks great!

  9. crescent rolls!!! who needs real bread when there are pipin hot crescent rolls.

  10. Yummy pastries! I want them too! Hope I can make such yummy cookies.


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