Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Confessions

The Beach Cruiser: would be cooler if it was rare.
  1. Every time I glance at a digital clock and see repeated digits (11:11 - 1:11 - 2:22 - 3:33 and so on...) I quickly look away from the time, make a wish and make sure I don't look at the time again for at least a minute because I'm somehow convinced if I do look and it's still the same time, my wish won't come true.
  2. I fold my underwear: lay them flat, fold up the bottom flap, then fold that row in three and store them in a stuff sack. I've been doing this since living on the road, and it seemed appropriate to maintain this crazy habit on the boat.
  3. Sometimes as I'm walking down the dock I close my eyes, and challenge myself to walk 20 steps before opening my eyes, sometimes I cheat and take a quick glance and still congratulate myself for doing the full 20 steps.
  4. I am obsessed with tweezing my eyebrows. I have a magnifying mirror suction cuped to my bathroom mirror and will daily glance to tweeze away unwanted hairs. Sometimes I do this more than once a day.
  5. 25 days ago I started tracking ALL my food intake. And my exercises, but I already told you about that. Last night at derby I burned 392 calories with 55% fat burn (but I don't know what that means). Taking the trash out burns 21 calories. Walking to the shower burns 19. But my eyes were open the whole time.
  6. I don't care where I'm at, I always sit on the toilet seat when I "go". I always look at the seat, inspect it, wipe it down then sit on it. I leave the convenient seat cover for others. I read toilet seats are a thousand times cleaner than any doorknob, handrail or cash for that matter. Yet people touch that stuff with their bare hands all the time, then eat without washing their hands.  Ick! I figure I'm not eating with my butt so I'm safe to sit on that surface.
  7. I am fanatic about my recycling. I'll even remove stuff my husband throws in the trash to place it in our recycle bin. I'm convinced its the little things that accumulate to a positive karma.
  8. Yes. I believe in the law of natural justice and karma. As much as I believe in making wishes and not telling anybody what they are so they come true.
  9. I am insecure about 98% of the time. I'm always certain people see me as a spaz.
  10. I never butter my toasts. And I'm always insulted when the Red Lobster spills melted butter in my plate even if I always insist on the no butter rule. And don't even get me going on buckets of unwanted butter on my pancakes or french toast at the restaurant!
  11. I have a sick habit of quoting movies, zany movies at any given time, like at derby practice I'll suddenly yell out "Because it's your dog, you get it? It's YOUR dog!!!"
  12. When I was a kid I stole religions medallions from my aunts and uncles at the family cabin, then asked my priest uncle to bless them. I'm sure he knew I stole them. He never said anything. I'm so afraid I'll burn in hell for stealing religions medallions. I still have all of them in a little mesh bag in my jewelry box. Every time I look at them I look up knowing my uncle is shaking his head.
  13. Every day I do more and more stuff that only people who kick ass do, that way maybe my self perception will change. I'm getting there.
  14. As much as I love beach cruiser bikes, everybody in San Diego rides one of them. In my eyes an object is no longer cool when it's the absolute fad. So I ride my beat up old mountain bike (it's actually a really kick ass bike I bought to make myself feel better) and convince myself I'm the one with the rad looking bike. Because its so normal its different.
  15. I never grew out of wanting to ask people I meet "Will you be my friend?"


  1. With each confession, I love you more and more...

  2. ha i think you will be ok on the religeous medallions...smiles. cool to reveal yourself like this...

  3. You are a bit crazy (in a good way) and very awesome! As to number three... I do that when I'm driving! Sometimes around curves.

  4. Just to get it out of the way, I will be your friend, should we ever meet.

  5. @ Nari: somebody disagrees with you, I lost a follower since this was posted! ;)
    @ B'Man: so I am forgiven you think?
    @ Pat: cool... you have guts!
    @ bluz: awww, thanks!

  6. Clearly, their loss. How I pity them and their teeny tiny minds.

  7. @ NARI - you and I were just in each other's world... isn't that weird? It was simultaneous too... COOL!


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