Friday, November 4, 2011

Let The Adventure Begin!

Next Thursday. That's when my new adventure will begin. We are goin' cruisin! When we were installing our dinghy davit (tee hee, that expression will always make me giggle) everybody on our dock kept asking "Goin cruising?" which I later found out was boater talk for "Are you leaving for a lengthy sailing trip?"

And yes, we are.

For now the plan is to cruise all the way down the Baja coast then slightly back up the Sea of Cortez towards La Paz.

Baja is pronounced BAHA and La Paz has the sweet insinuations of LA PAUSE, like time to take a pause in La Paz. How can one not enjoy themselves in a place that signifies taking it easy and living like you were in a Corona commercial?


The actual sailing time from San Diego to La Paz (still sounds sweet to me) is about one week. We have friends who also own a boat and will be sailing with us. Copycats. They bought their boat way after we got ours. Jealous peeps. And of course, their boat had to be 4' bigger than ours. Buggers.

I'm thrilled and excited, but a bit antsy. Will I see pirates? I hope he'll look like Johnny Depp. And please don't remind the Johnny lookalike pirate he can't rape the willing. No wait. I didn't say that. See how it's scratched out? My dignity is saved. The downsides to this trip are:
  1. No roller derby for an unknown period of time.
  2. No phones or internet for an unknown period of time.
We're not sure how long we'll be gone. For now we're counting on a minimum of 2 months. I'll have my skates and gear so I can at least do some outdoor skating, and practice my skills. But so far the whole phone & internet deal is up in the air. I NEEEEED the internet like I need air to breathe, beer to drink and carne asada to feast upon.

The upsides to this trip are:
  1. It's FREAKIN La Paz!
  2. Who hasn't dreamed of just dropping everything and taking off?
  3. Scuba diving without a 7 mm suit!
  4. The best mole, carne asada, carnitas, tortillas (made with yummy LARD)
  5. The simple thrill of an adventure...
I'll do my best to keep you posted on this journey, and if I do see a pirate I will totally be taking pictures of him... heh heh heh.


  1. What an amazing adventure you are about to take off on! Sounds like a thrill to me! And I'm sure it will be so beautiful. Hope you can post a few pics for us landlocked losers!

  2. Have a great time cruising to La Paz where you can feast on incredible food with a sexy pirate. Maybe Mr. Depp will have internet access on the pirate ship, you know like in the captain's quarters. It's certainly worth a look...or two.

  3. did you ever watch Giligan's Island?

    ok, no seriously this sounds like an amazing trip...i hope you have a blast...

  4. I was going to say have fun but I think we can both agree that that goes without saying. All the same, enjoy yourself... & hope for internet access.

  5. You are going to have the most amazing trip. So Jealous. Make certain you take plenty of pics and tell us all about it when you come back

  6. Pictures! We're going to need pictures!

    Bon Voyage!

  7. what an amzing adventure have lots of fun and be safe


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