Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of Jooly Week-end!

You know when you wake up and start re-hashing what you did the night before... Sometimes little tid-bits of memory are gone. Sometimes they suddenly come back to you when you're in the shower trying to rid your head of all the cobwebs and boom you think to yourself "Oh my god... why am I covered in spiders?" 

Shaking your head you tell yourself you will never-ever do THAT again! But you know you will... Those morning after promises never stick.

And then there are times where (like in the Hangover movie) you need to go through your phone and review your pics to help trigger the memory. Or check out your car for hints (and dings) and scraps of leftovers in the back seat. Or, go over your web browser's history. Or worse yet, your bank account and find out you didn't dream of using your credit card at the bar but actually did. And got dinged for that round of drinks to your new found friends of 62 unknown barfly strangers all hugging you! Not that any of that EVER happened to me... But I know these situations exist.

I'm a cheap date. 2 beers and I'm the life of the party, or the of shame of it.

This morning though I did re-read some of my comments on OPB's (other people's blogs) and thought to myself "Uh oh, need to activate that breathalizer on  my computer asap..." My weakness prior to this blog thing was eBay. Oh the weird shit I felt I HAD to have after a few toddies... Now instead of buying weird shit I am saying weird shit. If at least it was in the sanctity of my own home - my cyber house - it wouldn't be so bad. But noooo, I have to go leave traces of my shameful cyber dna all over OPBs.

Think about the morning after as you celebrate this 4th of Joooly and drink with moderation. For me, that's 2 beers. For others it may be 8, 12 or (for my co-worker) 18 beers. Just don't do what I wouldn't do (maybe that leaves the door a little too wide open!) So that means...  HAVE FUN PEEPS!!!


  1. Ah...the 4th of July. How I miss the annual croquet tournament, late night skinny dip with strangers, fireworks tied to the neighbors cat, fueled by a 55 gallon barrel of Coronas and a beer bong full of Jaeger. All excused because of the nations birth.

    But...that being said, I gave myself a year off (almost there) from the libations, for various reasons (that I embarrassingly won't go into), but how I would love to throw on a lampshade and tear it up!

    Next year...

    As for the drunk commenting and the computer breathalyzer, I for one, appreciate any and all comments.

  2. Thanks Robyn!
    @R.W. poor cat! Bootch, vhat iz zee meaning of ze vord Bootch? I'm American baby, names don't mean shit! haha!


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