Friday, August 27, 2010

Check Things With Me First

Mack MacDonald?  MACK MACDONALD??? WTF!

I wonder if Mack MacDonald eats Big Macs at McDonalds? Does he own shares in Mac computers? Hope his wife wears MAC cosmetics (or does he?) How does he react when tough guys tell him "Hey mack...!"  As a kid did he sing "Old McMcDonald had a farm, e-i e-i oooo!"


  1. My coach's name is Trenton Denton. And the guy who fixed my car a few months ago was Colt Colton. My brother's friend growing up was Robert Robertson and my friend's dad was David Davis.
    You can't make this stuff up! There's a LOT of stupid people in this world!
    At least with Mack McDonald, he could just GO by Mack - and it's not his given name.
    I hope.

  2. I went to school with twins named Sunny and Stormy Day. Might have been cute as a kid. Might have been.

  3. I wonder if Sunny and Stormy Day grew up to be strippers. Or weather girls. Could go either way.

  4. I knew a guy named Lance Lantz. Why?

    I also knew a woman named Jasmine Starr. Seriously do you WANT your daughter to be a porn star?

    yeah but Mac (or Mack) is a common nickname for anyone with a Mac or Mc name... I've known a couple of Mac's...


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