Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weird Music Wednesdays

Celia Cruz - the Queen of Salsa!

Look at this lady! She's old but man is (was) she ever funky... In honor of this national heat wave day, crank up the speakers, mix a pitcher of sangria, turn on all the fans, and dance dance dance!

I love Cuban music.  It's awesome. For a country that went through so much shit, it's incredible how their music is so happy. And Celia is by far one of the most famous singer coming from Cuba. Unfortunately she passed away in 2003, so you can't catch any of her shows. But her music will live forever. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Soak it up...


  1. THAT'S A SHE?? I do like the beat of the Cuban music.. sultry, steamy and so full of emotion.

  2. I knowwww! It does look like a "he" but it's a she and she's awesome!
    p.s. Cecelia, how do I follow your blog?

  3. I lived in Puerto Rico back in the day, and first became familiar with Celia Cruz then. She was huge there too. (I'd say this video is a bit of a departure for her, though!) ;)


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