Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weird Music Wednesdays!

I skipped the last 2 week's installments to Weird Music Wednesdays! I was just too busy (I know, strange hunh?). I must tell you my work schedule is most bizarre and challenging to keep any personal life or routine.

Oh woe is me! I get to travel ALL the time, live in hotels with maids and clean linen daily and I complain that I can't keep up with my blog. *sigh* Doncha just feel so sorry for me? Doncha?

Although I may not be a super fan of this weird little dude, I do have absolute respect for him. He is a true artist. And, there are 2 songs of Marilyn Manson that I LOVE. Tainted Love and Sweet Dreams. Like a mother looking at her kids I love them both equally but had to choose one for this post. It was a hard decision, a life threatening decision indeed (like my recent purse purchase on Etsy, oooh I can't wait to get that in the mail!)

Oddly enough these songs both remind me of Adam Sandler. I know. Pretty fucking strange link. Adam Sandler, king of comedy and Marilyn Manson king (can I say king???) of weirdness and goth and off-the-radar music. What could they EVER have in common?

Listen to Adam's stuff. His music (he sings, not only in the Wedding Singer, but he sings on his comedy albums!) goes from mellow singing to yelling and screaming Manson style. I'm sure he was a fan of Marylin. Question is: can I convert you?


  1. I went through a stage where I was into Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. It didn't work out really. People stare at you when you're 19, cute, and like the color pink. I still appreciate their respective contributions to society, though.

    Also, my favorite Adam Sandler song is from the Wedding Singer when Drew Barrymore begs him to sing and he starts screaming. Good stuff!

  2. Adam Sandler has some talent...Marilyn Manson...meh...I could take him/her or leave him/her. Hope you still love me.

  3. There are some MM songs I like. Did you ever see him in the movie, Bowling for Columbine? He said the one thing everyone else seemed to miss when asked what he would say to the kids of Columbine and the community if they were with him right now. He said - "I wouldn't say a single word to them I would listen to what they have to say, and that's what no one did." He was right.

  4. I love his version of this song. It's haunting how he sings it, which I love.

  5. i can watch this clip over and over again, it's absolutely awesome!......i use the mute button though :D

  6. Marilyn Manson just freaks me out. Bleargh.

  7. @ Gini: i so love him in wedding singer!
    @ Ninja: how could i not love a ninja forever!
    @ Jingle: thanks! yeas, I thought it was fun too!
    @ Holly: i was so thinking of that very interview when i was putting this together, hence why i mentioned i totally respected him!
    @ Cyn: yes, so haunting! so amazing!
    @ wuppy: mute??? :o)
    @ Fickle: he's freaky, but still has so much content!


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