Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Dave

Dear Dave,

Remember when I took this picture? You took me horseback riding and we spent hours clearing up those nasty thistles. And I kept teasing you about your badass cowboy look and attitude... Hey, I'd never actually seen a real live person with a gun on his belt with the hat & boots and all. Now I can say I knew a true cowboy...

Booby always joked about making sure we ate plenty before getting to your house, he always said all you had was Pepsi and cowboy crackers, is there such a thing as a cowboy cracker anyways? I never did find out.

I'm sorry I took so long to send you this letter. You know how life is... We'd rather busy ourselves with mundane insignificant activities than spend real time with the people who mean something to us. And afterwards we're all shocked by how we never did get to say goodbye.

Well goodbye Dave. I will miss you. I will miss how you took Booby under your arms and treated him as a son. And I will miss having you step in as my father-in-law. I will miss your strong bear hugs. I will miss your best ever biscuits & gravy and having you laugh at me because I'd never heard of such a thing. Biscuits and gravy...

I love you dearly. Rest in peace dude.



  1. Awww, Nikki, that is the sweetest letter I've ever read. I'm so sorry about your friend/step-in father-in-law.
    You're so right though... we often do all these "life" things and then are saddened that we didn't take the time to spend time with people before they pass. Don't feel guilty about it though. He sounds like a great guy and I'm sure he understood.

  2. That's very nice Nikki. I'm sure he appreciates it. We are all changed in some way by those we meet.

  3. How touching. You are so right about the mundane chores of everyday.

    Any man that can make biscuits and gravy and give big bear hugs is aces in my book. Sounds like he was a good dude.

  4. Thanks for your kind words... I'm on my way to his funeral. Hopefully they'll be serving biscuits and gravy.

  5. They might just be serving of Pepsi and cowboy crackers. That was a very loving tribute. It's tough losing someone important in our lives. Hope Booby is okay.


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