Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Importance of Reading The Fine Print

Ever watch Squidbillies? Ever? It is the best cartoon ever. The most non politically correct (oh yeah, beyond the Family Guy AND South Park combined). The cartoons are so artfully exquisite. The music will appeal to all hillbilly toothless subconscious persona you have (I know you have that persona, we all do).

It airs on Cartoon Network's late night edition Adult Swim.  And it's sublime. Totally sublime. Also on this programming you will find Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Superjail, Robot Chicken, The Venture Brothers, etc.  We cannot go to bed without first checking out what's on Adult Swim. It's like eating candy before going to bed, after brushing your teeth!

I made a series of t-shirts for Booby. Lot's of them feature the Stoopid Monkey from Robot Chicken's end credit. Some are from Squidbillies. I made him a "I ♡ COCK FIGHTING"  shirt. Which he wears with pride. Well, not necessarily gay pride (I hope, for me because that would mean there's no future in us) but pride for the shirt and the show. At first he was afraid to wear it. But now it's one of the first shirts he grabs. And he loves to top it off with his Meatwad hat.  Love the love cock/meat combo.

Anyhow, this reminds me of how important it is to read the fine print. Always.  That meatwad hat? Fine example in fine print reading. I was stuck on the idea of buying this for his birthday last year. It was sold out on the Adult Swim online store. So, as always I checked out eBay. It was late. I had a few. And... found it. Excitedly I immediately clicked on the "buy now" button.  Confirmed it. The next day, going over my bank account I realized I had paid $55 for this freakin hat! Fine example of fine print reading...



  1. We all have a hillbilly bone. I know I do.

  2. I fucking love adult swim...that is one of the only things I miss about cable. Meatwad is my dawg. Also, kudos on the cock meat combo...wicked.
    Venture bros???? Yeah, pretty bad ass.

  3. @ Christy: yeah... I know, sometimes I so go total trailer trash! totally!
    @ mepsipax: Meatwad is me. I mean really me. If I were to take a "which hunger force character are you" quiz it would be a 100% Meatwad... Yeah. I'm that gullible.

  4. Love. Adult. Swim. I've been watching those cartoons (which excel in the random-humor genre) since Adult Swim started many years back. ATHF, Space Ghost coast to coast, Sealab 2020, you name it. Carl might be my fav though from ATHF.

    But you exemplify the awesomeness that is Adult Swim in your post, because not only do they make you laugh, but they taught you a valuable life lesson as well. Everyone wins. The end.

  5. My husband thinks Squidbillies is hilarious (this is the same man who wants to dress up our twin boys as Beevis and Butthead for Halloween, so...). I haven't quite gotten there yet, though I don't roll my eyes anymore. Small steps, right?

  6. Awesome hat, not sure I would pay those Donald Trump bucks for it.

    Love Adult Swim.

    Do you know "Drawn Together"? Their animated "reality" show? Total instant classic. I heart it. Check it out!

  7. Yepp .. you can buy it now on Ebay for $3 but pay $45 shipping and such.
    BTW..LOVE the new look!!

  8. Sometimes I think there should be a breath-a-lyzer for the computer.

  9. @ Dr: you had me at how I exemplify the awesomeness... thank you, I rest my case.
    @ Gini: listen to the Dr. give it a shot, the squids are hilarious! where else will you meet a dangling granny of a walker
    @ Brahm: yeah, it's pretty funny and a good reminder of how those shows are lame... Have you seen Children's Hospital yet?
    @ Holly: ouch... I know, I know, eBay shmeBay! (and thanks for the compliment!"
    @ Zoe: I've been saying that forever, even before the internet was invented (I'm a psychic) but I ♡ you for saying it anyways!

  10. I remember when Space Ghost Coast to Coast used to air on Adult Swim. Do they still run that from time to time?


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