Monday, September 13, 2010

The Waiting

The waiting. It's always the waiting that eats her up. Judy never saw this coming. She's never been like this before. Growing up she looked up to her parents.

Growing up was easy. They loved each other. And they loved her. She was an only child but never did she feel alone.  And today she waits. She's not more alone now than she was as a child. But still, she waits. Alone.

Sometimes Harry will call. Leave her a message. Tell her he's coming. Sometimes just to tell her he misses her. Sometimes he just drops by, unannounced. And she waits.

The night is the worst time. Catching glimpses out the window, hoping. If only she could just go there. If only.

Her parents...

She missed them. Misses what they had. If only...

Maybe Harry will sense her loneliness. Maybe Harry will hear her. Maybe tonight is the night Harry will come to her and finally be with her. No more waiting. No more looking out the window in search for his headlights, in search for love.

Somehow, though, she knows. She'll be looking out again...

This is a Magpie Tale.



  1. But when Harry does arrive, he'll bring with him all his baggage, all the seemingly-small but important irritating, irksome things that caused her to ask him to leave in the first place. Ca, c'est la vie... :-)

  2. Even if he's there, he'll be somewhere else. Excellent write.

  3. The best cure for waiting - blog! She should join Magpie Tales...

  4. i agree, ninotaziz. boredom will kill her.

  5. Haha, yes, I was just about to say she needs to stop looking out the window and blog, and I see it's already been mentioned!

  6. smiles. perhaps she is waiting for the wrong one...if he leaves her waiting so...

  7. At first I thought it said ugly...not only. That was wonderful. I think we are all waiting.

  8. ah- give ol' Harry the heave ho and find a less time wasting fellow or just pick up a book and read!Good Magpie.

  9. This is a great piece, Miss Nikki, very well written. Waiting just sucks. I feel for her.

  10. Love it ... maybe she should be looking inside ...


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